Belly Laughs

by on December 19, 2016

When was the last time you had a belly laugh so deep you had tears streaming down your face?  Saturday was a day filled with laughter and joy, but especially some deep belly laughs that had me unable to stop.  We had our family Christmas celebration on Saturday and because of all this lovely snow, we took our sleds and took the family sledding.  Oh my goodness, what fun we had.  I had forgotten how much fun trying to make it down a sledding hill could be.  But even more than that, it was pure joy to watch the kids try and make it down the hill as well.  We laughed, we crashed, and then we laughed some more.  At times I simply just couldn’t get off the sled because I was laughing so hard!!

Laughter is such a gift from God.  He’s even uniquely designed each one of us with differing laughs. God loves to see us play, to see us filled with joy and to hear our laughter.  He created us to have fun, to throw off the constraints of responsibility every once and awhile and simply have fun.  Joy and laughter, those two emotions go together and can bring us a sense of peace, a reminder of the child within each of us and a reminder of the gift of life.

Each day is a precious gift from God.  Our days are often filled with work, but God also designed a day for rest.  A Sabbath to worship Him, to celebrate His presence in our lives. What a better way to rejoice in the life He has given us than by having some pure fun.  Fun might not look like sledding for you, you may not like the cold, but God delights when we celebrate the life He’s given us.  What better way than to get together and do something fun as a family.  

For us sledding has always been a big part of our holiday celebrations ever since our children were young.  That time together, laughing, joking, and racing down the hill, those moments were holy moments that bonded our family.  We created lasting memories that have been unforgettable.  Moments where I imagine God looking down with a smile, joyful that we were celebrating life.

The gift of life; Christ has come to bring us this precious gift.  The best gift of all.  Through His sacrifice of His life for our sin, He has given those of us who call Him Lord, a new life.  A full life that reflects a new joy for living.  I think the practice of fun is a beautiful act of worship.  We have the opportunity, through fun, to express our love for God with our joy, our laughter, and this can be our holy act of worship. 

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. For the Lord Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth. (Psalm 47:1-2)



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