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by on March 31, 2014

Once a month God has blessed me with the opportunity to prepare a hot breakfast for the homeless and under-resourced in our community. It is an opportunity to physically fill the needs of the hungry, but also to spiritually feed them by showing the love of Christ. That they matter to God.

It’s such a blessing to use one of the gifts that brings me great joy, cooking, and to serve alongside a long time friend. It has been a blessing to grow our friendship both together and in Christ. I have loved watching Him transform each of us through serving Him each month. It is exciting to see God glorified each time we serve Him and the people He dearly loves. This winter has been especially tough on the under-resourced and the need for a hot meal has grown. It has been exciting to watch God provide other women to help fill the need for more food. Women who have pitched in to help cook and provide food for the growing numbers and in turn we’ve seen their eyes opened to the joy of serving God in new ways.

Every month I bake potatoes, lots of potatoes, in a breakfast hash brown casserole. It brings me such joy to cook, pray over the food, and to know that just as the Bible nourishes my soul, God will physically nourish the bodies of men and women who need a helping hand to survive daily in our community.

This week, I also baked Toll House cookie bars as well, but they didn’t quite turn out as pretty as they normally do. They burnt a little around the edges. I cut all the bars up into portions, but I left the burnt pieces here at home for my family to eat. I just couldn’t bring myself to bring something that wasn’t my best to those who needed it most.

The Bible teaches about bringing only our best to God. Not just the first fruits of our labors, but also the Best fruits. (Proverbs 3:9 ) Although the burnt edged cookie bars are still tasty, they were not my “best.” I want those God loves to taste and see the goodness the Lord has to offer through the food I love to cook. I desire to give my best to God everyday so His goodness can be seen and He alone is glorified.

This winter has been more difficult to serve because it was much colder here in Chicagoland. Getting up at 4:30 to cook is probably not joy filled for most, but to me it is. I get to spend the early morning hours with God as the food cooks. I give Him the best of me those mornings in the solitude of my kitchen. Bible open, sometimes worship music quietly playing, it’s just me and God in the kitchen. A beautiful conversation in prayer sharing what is on my heart. Those mornings I can just imagine God’s smile upon me as He gets the best of me in the morning.

In what ways have you given your best to God? What brings you joy that you could share with others to glorify God?

I pray that over the next few weeks as Easter approaches that you will take time  to honor God with your best and that you will feel His face shine upon you.

Blessings to you on this glorious day God has created!



This brought tears to my eyes because I know this is your heart. You are His hands and feet! I yearn for the days when I can be in this place again!

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