Despair Descends

by on April 19, 2014

Now what? What are we supposed to do without Jesus? I don’t understand why He didn’t save himself, why would he leave us? Are the chief priests going to come after us next? Should we leave Jerusalem?  I wish someone had the answers, Jesus always had the answer, He would know what we should do.

Scripture doesn’t record where the disciples went after the crucifixion.  I assume they gathered together to try and figure out their next steps. To console each other at the death of Jesus.

Jesus’ followers must have been experiencing a wide range of emotions on Saturday.  Despair, fear, disappointment and confusion.  They had lost their teacher, the Messiah was gone.  Do you think they remembered Jesus’ teachings? Would have you? Jesus had told them He would be leaving them, but He also told them He would return.  I think it would have been difficult to believe right in that moment that He would return. I think they felt alone, their faith was wobbling, and they were filled with fear. That is what I would be feeling.


Today, we have the hindsight of our Bible to lean into when we are confused and lonely.  Scripture records Jesus’ death and resurrection. We can see prophecy fulfilled throughout the scriptures, but the disciples didn’t have that luxury.  They had to rely on Jesus’ teachings, to try and remember all they were taught.  A difficult task when filled with despair and fear. To them, it appeared Jesus was defeated.

We know tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday, death has been defeated, Hope is alive.

Although the disciples were uncertain what the future held, I bet they prayed. Prayed fervently to God for direction.  There are times when I feel uncertain and all I can do is pray.  Pray to the Father who I know will listen, He will answer me.  His answer may not be exactly in the manner I might think I need, but He is there in my desperation. He knows what I need in that moment of despair. Can you relate? What in your life are you desperate about today? Have you reached out to God in prayer?

Take some time to listen to this song by Sanctus Real. Carve out some time today to pray. Worship Jesus for who He is and thank Him for His sacrifice. Sit in the silence, feel His presence and let His love wash over you



Julie…thanks for being faithful and for following God’s leading as He inspired you to write your blogs leading up to Easter! Well done good and faithful servant!

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