Dragonflies, Dandelions and Deer

by on November 11, 2016

This week as I walking through one of the local forest preserves I was amazed at the presence of dragonflies flying around and by the dandelions budding in the grasses. In November this is quite an amazing treat. The weather is so mild, allowing me to be out walking in short sleeves, in the sunshine, with no sign of the cold winter to come.

For me, this amazing weather is such a treat from God. Just when I needed it most, He has provided a way for me to get outdoors and spend some time reflecting of His love for me and time to be reminded that He is with me in the changes that our move has created in our lives. It’s so easy to hunker down and isolate myself when my routine has been interrupted by our move, but by getting myself outdoors, He has awed me by His creation and presence. He is gently is reminding me to simply look around to see He is helping me through these changes, guiding me ever so gently towards a new path to serve Him in this new season of life.

As I was walking through the preserve, I began to notice evidence of deer running both on the trail, but also through the tall grasses. I was trained from a young age to look for signs of deer when I am out hiking in the woods. Looking for those footprints in the sandy trail and the trails through the grass has become a habit for me and yet I often do not see the actual deer. As my brother would say, you are simply not quiet enough, and though there may be some truth to that, I recognize that the deer are around me even if I can’t see them.

There is a life lesson here for me and maybe here for you too. Do you know how to look for signs of Gods presence in your life? He is walking with you when life is easy and when life is difficult. For me, I recognize His presence abundantly in the outdoors. I see Him in the sunrise and sunset, in the changing colors of the leaves, in the amazing wind and rain. But I am also reminded of His presence in the simple footprints of a deer walking in the sandy soil because it is solid evidence that the deer are around me even though I cannot physically see them. For me, though I can’t physically see Him with my very eyes, He provides other ways for me to “see” His presence in my daily life. Have you reflected back on those times when you thought you were alone, only to realize there was a friend with a smile, a kind word or time spent on the phone to chat. God placed that friend there for you knowing you needed a personal touch from Him.

God can be seen daily if you chose to look. Open your eyes and your heart to see Him around you. When life is difficult and it’s hard to take another step, call out to Him asking Him to show Himself to you in a way you can recognize and treasure. Looking for evidence of His presence is a great source of encouragement to help us get through the troubled times and to see beyond our circumstances. Call out to Jesus in prayer, open your Bible, turn on a little music and I know He will have a special word just for you. He sees you, He knows you and He loves you deeply.

May you bask in the glory of His presence each and every day.

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Thanks for sharing your heart with us. This is such a beautiful reminder of our Lord’s presence in our lives. “Be still and know that I am God” Psm 46:10. He is our love.

What a beautiful reminder! Thanks for continuing to hear God’s prompting for you to write! You have a real gift!

Deep sigh. And deeper exhale. Thank you, Julie. So many reminders lately to remain in His precious presence. All day, every moment of it.

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