by on March 24, 2014

Saturday morning I had breakfast with some of my girlfriends.  It was a beautiful time catching up on each others lives and just sharing some time together.  I’ve known these women for some time now, I met them when my husband and I began attending church some 12 years ago. The friendship began with one, who invited my family to church and the rest is history.  Because of that one invitation, my family’s life was changed forever.  Some of them have known each other for longer, but as a group, they have enriched our lives.  As the friendships have blossomed and grown over the years, it has been an honor to call them family.

In 1 Corinthians 1:5 Paul speaks of how in Christ we have been enriched in every way.  I began to realize that as my relationship with Christ has grown and blossomed over the years, I have had the pleasure of seeing how my life has been enriched in Him. I am His and He is mine, I am his daughter, and He my heavenly Father.  Not a distant Father who is unreachable, but a Father who desires to be with me, to be in me, and to walk with me each day.

Jesus enriches our lives because He is faithful, trustworthy, and steadfast in His love towards us. Jesus is the same today as He was yesterday and as He will be tomorrow.  (Hebrews 13:8) Throughout the Bible, we see examples of His love and care for the people He created. He rescued the Israelites from the rule of the Egyptians, He helped Job withstand many trials, and His Son Jesus offered himself for our sins. Jesus changes lives forever.

As I look back on my life, I see how Jesus has enriched my life in many ways.  He is my sacrifice for my sin, He has shown me a better way to live that puts Him first, He has revealed Himself to me in scripture, in nature and the everyday events of my life.  He brings me joy, peace, and creativity. He filled me with strength to fight cancer, He filled me with joy as I helped care for my mom as an illness was taking her life right before my very eyes, He provided for me to serve Him in South Africa, and He gives me wisdom and words to write each day. Jesus makes me better in every way and His work in my life plays out daily in front of those in my circle of life.  I wonder if they see it as I do? Do they see Him in me?

Because my life has been enriched by Jesus, it caused me to ask myself the question Have I enriched the life of another? What evidence of fruit is there in my life? Ultimately it should be a ripple effect.  We reach out to others because of our love for Christ. We forge relationships, speak truth, and build bridges to the broken-hearted.  Enriching the lives of others because we have been enriched in Him.

How has Jesus enriched your life?  Take a moment and thank Him.
Read 1 Corinthians 1:4-9, meditate upon it.
Now for the bigger question…How could you enrich the life of another? Is there someone you could invite to church?

Take the time to pray and ask God who’s life you could touch today.


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