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Lives shared. Friendship. Women. Laughter and Joy!

Women. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. Even alone we can be, but put 6 of us together, and add another via Facetime…..
well, you’ve got a party! Laughter and confidences shared, God’s direction for our next steps sought out, it is beautiful thing.  I believe it makes God smile.  Christian women, being together, sharing our lives, what could be better. My core group of women friends in Christ, I couldn’t make it without them. They ground me.  They listen, do not judge, give real practical advice, but most important, pray, listen and do not judge me. That is love, acceptance, and the Holy Spirit at work. Because of them, I am a better wife, mother and daughter.

Tonight we all gathered, awaiting the snow fall. Another winter storm here in Chicago.  Everyone has now gone home and I have finished the dishes. Now I am looking outside watching the snow begin and I am intrigued.  Why? The snow is coming down in a straight line. No wind. Not heavy. Gentle, persistent, and beautiful.  Just the right size to catch your attention. Just enough to make you look a second time.

God is just like that, persistent.  Trying to get our attention. Trying to grab attention in this media driven society. Are you willing to look up, away from the screen?  The snow tonight… persistent, steady, gradual, just like our spiritual growth and the way God works within us. God, in his perfect manner, points out our need for Him so that we can grow. Growth that moves us toward the life he calls us to live.  Small steps, just enough to scare us, enough that we need him to get through the change.  Hmmmm.

My life. Well…it’s comfortable. I kinda know what to expect. It’s not necessarily exciting, but it is comfortable.  However, I know God is calling me to something bigger. Something not so comfortable. Scary yes, but in God’s care, not so scary. Uncomfortable…Yes I am sure it will be. The real question becomes, how much am I really willing to surrender? As a follower of Jesus I am to surrender ALL of my life….

OK, easy to write, not so easy to do.  In the power of the Holy Spirit, Yes! But, my sin nature so easily gets in the way. I want to stay within my comfort zone where I know what to expect which surprises me at times because I am a risk taker at heart. Trust! God knows my heart and my nature, after all he created me and my unique character.  So the ultimate question is…Am I willing to follow where he calls?

My mind says ABSOLUTELY!  But I can say with honesty….To do so will require much prayer, not only from me, but from those who love me…



What a wonderful read!

What a privilege it is to be 1 of that core group of women you talked about! Wow, I’m part of a blog (not by name, but I know I’m there 🙂 I almost feel a little famous.

Yes my dear friend, you are 1 of that core group. You have blessed my life with much joy, laughter and love. Forever grateful that God placed you in my life.

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