Harvest, Fall Colors and Time Together

by on October 26, 2016

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. I love the crispness in the air, the changing colors in the trees and the changing pattern of our days as the sun sets earlier. Every year I take this opportunity to head to northern Wisconsin to spend time with my dad. Time to be together and enjoy the changing colors.

This season was a little different, not many leaves had turned colors yet, the air wasn’t necessarily crisp, cool, but not yet crisp, but the reason for the visit was the same. Treasured time together with my dad.

This fall visit has become a part of the “rituals” of life for me of late. For me it’s a time to recharge, to take myself away from the demands of email, texting and the daily routines of life. It gives me time to focus on spending some dedicated time with my dad, doing life together, and just enjoying each others company.

This year the focus of my visit was a little different. I headed up north to spend some time sharing in my dad’s favorite pastime, hunting. This is not something I thought I would ever be doing together, but a few years ago, my dad challenged me to try something new. Something outside my comfort zone for sure, but something he is passionate about. What a better way to grow closer to my dad than to do something he loves doing and a bonus, I get to do it together with him. Dad teaching daughter, patiently explaining how best go about this process of hunting.

Now I know some of you are already thinking, no way I could ever do that, but, it’s more about the time spent together than the hunting itself. Uninterrupted time together to talk, share and just “be” in each other’s presence.

So, have you guessed where I am going with this? How much uninterrupted time do you spend with your heavenly Father? He desires a relationship with you in a way that far exceeds the relationship you have with your earthly father. It’s in the uninterrupted time together where our Heavenly Father is able to teach us about himself, our self, and inspire us to serve Him in new and amazing ways.

My time with my dad sparked some fun conversations and an opportunity for sitting and waiting for the animals to come in to our area. During that time we shared life and did something we hadn’t done since I was a kid. We looked for patterns in the changing leaves to see what we could find, much like we do with clouds. We say a tiger, an eagle, a monkey and even a unicorn. Using our imaginations and laughing together at the joy of feeling young and unencumbered like when I was a child.

God desires this same kind of joy and laughter with us. He loves to have us throw off the constraints of the world and just be in His presence and enjoy the things of nature He has created for our enjoyment.

As the days shorten and the colors wane, won’t you take some time to take in the changing scenery. Take a walk alone and have a conversation with God, listen for what He has to say, He just might challenge you to trust Him and to take up something new.



Julie, your writing is a huge blessing to me. Thank you SO much for sharing this today. I sure needed it.

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