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About 3 weeks ago, I was reading Hebrews 7:24-28 and was thoroughly amazed at the words used to describe Jesus.  The writer uses the following words: permanent priesthood, always lives to intercede, holy, blameless, pure, set apart, exalted, offered himself, and perfect forever. These words just pierced my heart and brought me great joy.  Since that day I haven’t been able to let that passage go. I have been turning the words over and over in my mind, trying to wrap my brain around all that Jesus is and continues to be.

We often use words to describe someone so we have a better understanding of that person and to explain a person’s character to another.  We use words to give meaning, so we can “wrap our brains around” what makes that person who they are.  With Jesus, it can be hard to put words on paper that best describe all He is because He is divinely perfect.  But God gave us words to describe Jesus so we could have a better understanding of his character, his love for us, and as encouragement from Him to turn to the all-sufficient One who saves.

One of the words that I keep meditating upon is intercedes. Jesus intercedes on our behalf before God every day. Intercede is defined as the act of intervening or pleading on behalf of another, a mediation between two parties, or as the act of protecting. That is what Jesus does. He is living and active, praying, pleading for me before God when I sin and when I chose to walk outside the pleasant boundaries God gives me.  He goes before me to protect me from Satan’s attempts to defeat me in my daily life.  Jesus is my advocate before God and He is my protector in the midst of Satan’s fiery attacks.

Jesus also intercedes for us through the Holy Spirit.  In Romans 8:26-27 Paul talks about how the Holy Spirit intercedes and sustains us in our weakness.  Christ’s Spirit puts words to our prayers when we seek help withstanding temptation to sin, lifting our need for protection to the Father. The Spirit also lifts our voice to God when we are filled with a deep sorrow for sin and turn back to God, humbly seeking His forgiveness.

Intercession in our everyday life comes from Jesus. The words used in Hebrews, always lives, shows that He is actively at work each day. I have come to realize we are being prayed over by Jesus, protected by Jesus and spoken for by Jesus every moment of every day. What a beautiful picture of love.

God understands we are not perfect. He knows we will unintentionally disappoint Him at times. Nevertheless, He is ready to forgive us and draw us back into a right relationship with Him when we sincerely seek His forgiveness. Forgiveness that is ours for the asking.(1 John 1:9) His mercy and grace then fills us with a peace that can come only from His loving hand. We can rest on that promise.

Jesus has already interceded on our behalf. Have you recognized His sacrifice for your sin? If you have called upon Him and accepted Him as your Savior, take a moment now and lift up your thanks to Him in prayer. If you haven’t, what is holding you back? Take some time leading up to Easter to learn more about Jesus. Open your heart to be filled with the greatest gift you will ever receive.  Pick up a Bible and read the gospel of John.  Allow God to open your eyes so you can see and experience Jesus’ love for you as revealed in the pages of scripture.



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