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Wednesdays, I love them.  Not just because we are halfway through the work week, but because it’s the day I get to serve God at my church. Today is the day I get the honor and privilege of serving others at our church’s Care Center.  A place where people are honored, stories are heard and lives are changed as they come seeking assistance for their needs. It is a place of Hope.

As I look back over my life, I am discovering how I am filled with the most joy and peace on the days when I am serving the Lord.  As I seek to express His love for others through serving, I can see how God so richly blesses me with joy and peace.  Funny how that works.  As I set out to be the hands and feet of Christ, He richly rewards me with unspeakable joy.

As we come to know Jesus more deeply, we gain a richer understanding of serving Him in our everyday lives. I used to think my service to Him had to be some big event, large and far reaching.  But as I have matured in my faith, God has shown me it’s not about the big places or events, it’s about the everyday connections I make with those around me in my daily living.  Serving Him has become an extension of my love for Him and a desire for others to see His love lived out through me. It’s a service with a thankful heart for all He has sacrificed for me and because I love Him so deeply, it is an expression of that love.

As I serve the people who come to the Care Center, God calls me to see them through His eyes, eyes which deeply love them.  I have the opportunity to express the love of Jesus by using the gifts the Father has given me. God has entrusted me to encourage those He loves, to look into their eyes and express the love of Christ to them through my words and actions.  A tender smile, a gentle word, a patient spirit. These are the gifts God instills in me as I serve those He loves.

God calls us to serve one another in love (Galatians 5:13) and promises to honor those who serve him (John 12:26). We are to use the gifts from the Father in a way that honors and pleases him, to be a visible display of the grace and mercy we have received from Him (1 Peter 4:10). That is why I love Wednesdays!

In what ways do you serve God that fills you with joy? What gift has God blessed you with that can be shared with others? Are you looking far and wide for an opportunity to serve, or have you considered the possibility that God is calling you to serve right where you are at?  I get a picture in my mind of God looking down with great joy, a smile of deep pleasure, as he watches his faithful followers serve Him in their daily lives. Look around, how could you bless someones life today?


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Julie, I love you statement of how you are blessed by God when you serve! I felt all warm and fuzzy inside because it reminded me of how it never ceases to amaze me at how much joy I feel after serving others, and how I feel Jesus’ arms around me and how I feel so close to Him and am overflowing with love for Him.

Thank you for the great reminder to see others through HIS eyes. I needed that reminder – I can get inpatient and judgemental with patients here at work. That simple change sets my heart right.

How true once again! It brings me GREAT joy when I serve, too! I love serving with you and our team!

Yes! I love my volunteering days! I’ve been so blessed by realizing the joy I receive from being able to help others. Have a great and joyful Wednesday, Julie! oxo

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