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Today marks the beginning of the Christian tradition of Lent. A time to prepare ourselves for Easter, to prepare our hearts for the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is an opportunity to reflect upon who Christ is, what he has suffered on our behalf, and how he is risen, continuing his work within believers through the Holy Spirit.

Lent is representative of Jesus’ 40 days in the desert where he fasted and was tested by Satan prior to beginning his 3 year ministry on earth. Lent is said to last 40 days,  Sundays are excluded in the count.  Lent is also a season where many abstain from something. Some denominations practice a season of abstaining from a specific food during Lent, others may practice a time of fasting, prayer, or extra time of reflection and bible reading. Many give up certain activities, favorite foods, television, or Facebook.

Over the last few months, I have been seeking to abide deeper in Christ. To focus more on him, his design for living, and to pour out his love everywhere I go each day.  It has been a journey, false starts, restlessness, even procrastination. But God is good and he is faithful to keep me moving forward, showing me his great love and mercy each day-even when I don’t stay quite on track.

What does Lent mean for me?  I have been praying for God to reveal what it is he would like me to do during this liturgical season. Two things keep coming up-a deeper more intimate focused prayer life and another blog.

So begins another journey of faith. A journey which I know from previous experience will grow my faith, will leave me with no where to go but to God, and will stretch me far beyond what I believe I am capable of.  Definitely sounds like something only God can do within me.  For me, although abstaining from something is beneficial, I believe God  is calling me into something. A chance to develop a new rhythm of life with him and in him.

It really does go back to this desire to abide more deeply in him. To lean into the Holy Spirit on all occasions with one ear always turned towards heaven. So here we go, I really am unsure as to the structure of the blog, we will all get to see how it unfolds together.  I have no doubt he will provide, just as he did over the season of Advent.

Won’t you join me on this journey.  You can subscribe to receive the blog posts by email, just look to the right and the top of the page, the subscribe button is right there.  You can also find me on Facebook and
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It has been a beautiful thing for me to see you blossom in the writing of your blogs. I am blessed to have had a front row seat to see the transformation in you and how you have surrendered to Him and followed His leading in spite of your doubts and fears. God is faithful and has blessed you with a gift you didn’t know you had. I am excited to be with you through this journey.

Beautiful post, Julie. I believe discontent can be holy. I believe God moves us to action within the sense that there is a larger story for each of us. Fear not!

Sharon, that’s the adventure, watching God unfold the larger story and getting to be used by him. That is what is so great about obediently following when he calls. There’s a holiness to walking in faith.

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