Living in the Moment with Jesus

by on June 22, 2016

Life can get crazy busy sometimes, so much so that I can forget to look up and pause.  At times I get so task orientated I find important meaningful conversations and relationships can slip through the cracks of my life.  My focus on “doing” causes me to miss out on the relational opportunities before me.  Can you relate?

Jesus is the perfect example of pausing, looking around and taking in what was before him.  He was on a mission, but he always put people first.  He paused to answer many questions and saw those on the outskirts of society.  He knew the importance of community, of conversations, and of pausing to look up for the Father.  He walked in step with God moment by moment and walked on earth fully present with creation.

I desire to live in step with the Lord moment by moment, but sometimes I become overly focused on serving in His name and miss the opportunities to look up and see the people in front of me. While “doing” in His name, or while simply living each day, it is necessary to pause, look for Jesus, and look at what or who He’s placed in front of us.  It’s in these moments that some of the greatest blessings become visible. Right now, what or whom has He place in front of you?  Are you so focused on the doing, that you are missing the life He has designed for you?

In my current season of life, I have been praying God would open the door to additional opportunities to serve him, but that hasn’t happened yet.  I long to do more, I love being busy, but I have come to realize that I am missing out on living in the moment with Jesus right now. Moment by moment there are opportunities for prayer, for conversations with friends, and time to read God’s word.  God knows me so well, he always brings to mind the following verse, “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10).  He has used this verse through out my Christian walk to slow me down and remind me of His presence. 

We all have seasons where God has us serving in areas of our giftedness, but there are also seasons where we are called to be still and work on our relationship with Him and others.  Time where He desires us to be loved upon by Him and where He wants us to love upon others.  Maybe this is where He is calling you right now.  Instead of filling your day with activities and doing, maybe He is calling you to pause, look up and be still in His presence.

Jesus is the perfect example of pausing for prayer, pausing for conversation, and pausing to see what was before Him. By following His example, we become more aware of His presence in us.  He is alive in us through the Holy Spirit and we have the opportunity to pause and reflect on Him and what’s before us each day.  Living life to it’s fullest is found only in Him, through the living water He provides.  

I am finding that by pausing to refresh myself through out the day by looking up for Jesus is helping me savor each day.  I have been setting reminders on my phone through out my day so I will pause and look up (technology can be a blessing). This is helping me be more intentional and focused, and increasing my awareness of the presence of Jesus each day. 

Won’t you pause through out your day and let Him speak to you and refresh you?  I guarantee you when you pause and allow yourself to be refreshed by His presence, you will feel a change come over you. At first the intentional pausing may feel awkward, but the more you practice pausing and looking around, the Lord will speak to you, He will guide you, and He will fill you with peace through the recognition of His presence in your day.  Living your day moment by moment with the awareness of the Lord’s presence will change the way you think, the choices you make and will fill you with the power to love those around you whom you encounter each day.


Pause and look up.  Savor the gift of today and look for the presence of God.



Beautiful! God has blessed you with the gift of writing! May He continue to encourage and prompt you to write and share your thoughts with others! Only God!

Oh my how you speak to my heart and my season right now Julie!!! Thanks for giving me a different perspective on how to see and use “still” time.

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