Out of Focus

by on December 11, 2016

Each year, our group of friends gathers in the beginning of December to spend some time together catching up on each other’s lives, sharing in some laughs and just good old conversation.  It’s an opportunity to see each other with new eyes, to see the needs of each others lives, and to re-connect and strengthen the bonds of our friendships.  We also take the time to exchange a little gift with one another.  Each gift can’t cost more than $5, so it’s always fun to go out and shop to see what we can find that will be a fun reminder of our evening together. 

This year I received these fun owl salt and pepper shakers.  There is a whole story behind owls for me.  Since moving further north, we’ve been hearing an owl in the early morning hours.  Beautiful but as I learned, it could also be deadly.   This same owl thought our friends little toy poodle would be a great treat.  You see, we were dog sitting while they were on vacation and this pesky owl tried twice to swoop in for a snack. Thank goodness I hadn’t let her out on her own.  Both times the owl didn’t get close enough to make the snatch.  

Did you know owls can see really well from a distance but can’t see close up?  I mean really well, some owls can pick out their prey in darkness from 1/2 mile away (audubon.com) I did not know this.  However, even though they have those big wide eyes, their vision is fuzzy when they get close to their prey. They must use their “senses” to feel out their prey with tiny feathers on their beak and talons. God is so amazing in his creation of these beautiful birds.

So how’s your eyesight when it comes to seeing Jesus?  Are you better at keeping Him at a distance and not getting too close for fear of what that might mean for you?  Or, do you joyfully come into His presence, allowing all your senses to soak up His love for you and experience an abiding relationship with Him?

That abiding relationship does require something from us.  Jesus offers us so much each day and we can see His provisions and love more clearly as we simply seek to abide daily in His presence.  Here’s a little exercise I would love for you to try.  Read through these steps and them take a moment to practice them.  I believe you will see Jesus with a new sense of awe and wonder when you do. 

  • Take a deep breath
  • Close your eyes and open you hands palms up
  • Speak to Jesus-“Here I am Lord, I wish to know you better, let your love wash over me, and help me to see You better today”
  • Then sit quietly for a minute and experience the silence. Listen for His still small voice

It’s a simple practice, but it will change your focus.  As you offer up yourself each day with a simple prayer, Jesus will meet you where you are and love you in new and amazing ways.  It’s an opportunity to go from a casual relationship to a more personal relationship with your Savior.  This daily act of surrender allows for Jesus to get closer to you and for you to become more at ease in His presence.  Come to Him with eyes wide open, get up close and personal, allow Him in to guide your day, experience His love, and He fill you with a new found sense of peace this season that can only come from Him.  

The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:5b-7)

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