Palm Sunday

by on April 13, 2014

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week on the Christian calendar. Palm Sunday is the day Jesus entered into Jerusalem to begin the celebration for Passover. He entered the city to large crowds proclaiming Hosanna in the Highest, glorifying Him above all else. He entered on a donkey, a symbol of peace and lowly in statue,  just as was prophesied in the Old Testament. (Zechariah 9:9) The people thought they were receiving a King who would end their oppression under Roman rule, they still did not understand Jesus was the One True King, the Son of God, and He was willing to die for them.

We know today, that Jesus would go to the cross to save all of mankind from the eternal punishment for their sinful behaviors. He would die, so that we could live. The gospels each record Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem. Today would be a great day for us to revisit the accounts listed in scripture. Take a moment a read through them now.

Matthew 21:1-11     Mark 11:1-11     Luke 19:28-44     John 12:12-16

Imagine the excitement in the crowd, the loud cheers to see the King coming to relieve the pain of oppression. I imagine the crowd was in a frenzy, trying to see Jesus entering the city, people running in from all over to get a glimpse of the man they were putting their trust in. I know I would have wanted to be right up front to see Him entered the city, my King. I may have been confused why He was on a donkey, would I have recalled Old Testament prophesy? In the excitement, I am not sure I would have, I think I would have been swept up in the emotions of the moment, Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming!

Can you place yourself in the scene? The sights, the sounds, so many bodies pressed together to get a glimpse of Jesus. Close your eyes a moment and imagine the scene.

I am grateful today for Jesus’ obedience to the Father. He knew once He entered Jerusalem, it would start the events in motion that would lead to His crucifixion on the cross. Yet He persevered to complete His purpose to provide us the way to live with Him forever. Thank you Jesus!



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