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Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to discern God’s direction on writing and His will for me when it comes to blogging. It’s been an almost daily prayer, looking for wisdom.  At times, an arduous experience, trying to hear His whispers. To me it’s felt like He’s been so silent, me not recognizing any nudges, not sensing any answers.

I’ve tried all kinds of ways of praying, from systematic prayer-methodically praying the same thing day after day, to shaking it up and just doing in the moment prayers, quick shouts towards heaven. This in between time, the not having a clear answer is so difficult for many of us isn’t it? Where we pray and pray and we can’t hear or see the answer? Frustrating to be sure, even discouraging in some moments, but I know God hears my prayers and is faithful to answer, just maybe not at the exact time or the exact way I want Him to answer. God’s answer is either yes, no or not right now. For me it’s been the not right now. Yet I’ve persisted in prayer.

Now here comes the hard part. Praises to He who is faithful, He’s answered my prayer, saying yes go ahead and write, but He didn’t give me many details. My full prayer as been, “Shall I write and what shall I write about Lord?” Well, He’s answered the first part, asking me to trust Him with the details of what and how often to write. Scary to be sure, even feels crazy by human standards. “What no planning on my part? God, I am a planner, don’t you know that?” I clearly sensed Him saying, Yes Julie, I know everything about you, that’s why you must let me take the lead. “Really God, you mean totally surrender?”

Isn’t that what following Christ is really about, letting go of the control over our lives and surrendering to His perfect plan. I’ve learned His plan is always far better than my own, bringing me peace and Him all the glory. However, at times, the path is not always so clear. Or sometimes all to clear. My human emotions sometimes cause me to go ahead God instead of following or waiting for Him to move before me. The results are not always so pretty. “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace” (Romans 8:6) That’s the life I desire, a life of peace, a life that is full, rich and rewarding. That life can only be found in Christ.

Christ brings hope, and peace, and true lasting fulfillment when we follow Him. When we choose Him, we experience the full measure of grace that is available to all who accept Him as Savior and King.

I am so grateful that God hears and answers our prayers. He deserves all the credit to get me to sit back down and write again. Thank you God for guiding my words and my life. I pray my words honor and glorify you alone.

What are you praying for today? Are you feeling as if He is not hearing you? My friend, He hears your prayers, He sees your pain, and He knows you want an answer right now. He knows the deepest desires of your heart. But maybe, just maybe all the pieces aren’t in place yet, or maybe the answer is no because He’s protecting you from some situation that may be harmful to you. No matter His answer, know He deeply loves you and wants to spend time with you. You are precious in His sight, His unique and beautiful child.

To God be the glory,



I understand your prayer for His guidance during this time for you. I just saw the movie out about Mother Teresa, “The Letters” and I read the book. Talk about total submission….wow! I also find myself taking charge when I need to wait on Him for His plans not mine. When we walk in/with Him we have a better chance to hear Him. God bless you as you continue to write as He guides you too. I appreciate your words and heart. Blessings.

Beautiful my friend! Gods answer -with trust me with the words to speak! That daily manna He gives as the day begins! We know He’s gonna provide but the looks of it are unclear! Faith!!!

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