Principles from church

by on October 27, 2013


Just stand still and see what God can do…
If I have idols, God will never answer a prayer by telling me to Just stand still and watch Him work.
You can only be still when you are willing to let go and surrender to God.
Stillness on the sabbath-A sabbath without worship is just a day off!
Sometimes when we feel the enemies presence, we need to stand still until God disarms the enemy.
Being still leads to conviction
Conviction is better than belief. 
    Conviction leads to action, belief is academic.
When you’re still you’re a blessing to others.
When you are still you hear Gods voice much better.
When your still it’s because you know stuff about God-asking What Lord is the plan from here.
When you are still, you give God the opportunity to show off His power.
When you are still your senses are heightened.
Such an amazing reminder in our busy fast paced world to just slow down and be still and listen for the still small voice of God.
Be blessed!


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