Rain delays

by on October 27, 2013

Well, this trip has certainly not gone as planned so far. We are experiencing torrential rain that has kept us from going out and serving with the ministries as planned. 

Friday on our arrival we went and spent some time with YouthAlive-a high school ministry that is part of Norwegian Settlers Church(NSC). A time of teaching, worshipping and games. To see the youth of this region worshipping with such love and joy was an amazing experience to be a part of. One youth was so intrigued by us traveling so far, on an airplane no less with 300 people on the plane he couldn’t even imagine. He said he had never been on a plane and would like to know what it was like.
Today we headed off to NSC for service and a normal 5 minute drive, took us 35 as we had to go the long way because the bridge was washed out. Service was phenomanal and was based on Jehoshaphat standing still and allowing God to work. The whole theme of the service was Be still, so appropriate as that is my life verse Ps46:10 and with the rain bringing a little tension and disappointment with our day.
This afternoon we are preparing and practicing for the day tomorrow.
Loving you all!


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