by on April 3, 2014

This mornings rain, although unwelcome by some, was for me a great reminder of the ways God replenishes the earth.  The birds were singing right outside my window, happy to have the worms coming up to the surface for a morning breakfast.  The birds were happily hopping across the patio this morning, all a flutter at the falling rain.  God uses the rain to replenish the earth.

Yesterday was Wednesday, my favorite day of the week.  As I have written about before, this is the day I have the pleasure of serving at my church. A chance to serve the under-resourced who are in need of food, clothing, employment and other resources. An opportunity to show the love of Christ in a tangible way. For those who come, it is an opportunity to replenish their food, but to also see the local church at work, caring for the people of God. To show how each individual matters personally to God.

For me personally, it is also a way to replenish my soul.  To recalibrate my thinking to align more closely with Gods, to serve the God I love and the people He loves, but to also connect on a deeper level with those who love God as well.

The team I serve with is special.  A group of Christ followers who seek to show God’s love to others.  To serve not just the physical needs, but the spiritual needs of others as well.  Each Wednesday as we serve, we also replenish each other’s souls through conversation, prayer, and a deeper personal connection to one another and God.  He uses Wednesdays to replenish us spiritually through serving Him.  He has used Wednesdays to form bonds that are growing, personal relationships are forming, all as Christ’s body is at work. Truly an amazing experience.

God is the source of replenishment in the life.  (Jeremiah 31:25)

Are you feeling tired and weary today? What is weighing you down?
Seek out God today, lift up your needs in prayer and allow Him to replenish your soul.

Take a moment, enjoy this song by 33Miles, may it replenish your soul today.
Be blessed!


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Jule, I love the song by33 miles. I wasn’t familiar with the group. I listened to more of their songs on Youtube. I am now a fan! Thanks for your heart to follow God’s calling for you to do these blogs. I love – they warm my spirit!.

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