Taste and See

by on December 1, 2016

Well, here we are, the beginning of December, the time when life seems to get a little crazy, a little too busy, and we become tired and depleted.  This season of joy, of love for family and friends, parties and busyness can at times purely exhaust us.  A season intended for reflection on the gift of Christ to the world, and to each of us personally, is often lost as we pursue the world’s focus for Christmas.  It’s during this season that I find the days can fly by and I miss the moments of quiet and peace God has intended for me. The moments when He is trying to draw me to Himself, desiring to spend some time together to decompress and refocus my heart and mind on Him alone.

Over the last few months I have been noticing things ramping up, getting busier, and have found myself restless and for lack of a better word, dry.  I feel like God has been trying to get my attention and though I have not quite been ignoring Him, I have not slowed down enough to take the opportunity to soak in some time with Him.  If I’m honest, I think the restlessness has more to do with my lack of time with God than anything else.  Is anyone else feeling that sense of restlessness?

For the last three weeks, God has placed three little words on my heart that I can’t quite shake.  TASTE AND SEE.  God, in His all-sufficient grace, is using those words to slow me down and to meditate upon what He desires for me right now, in this season of my life.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”  (Ps 34:8)

So many of us know this verse from Psalm 34, but how often do we take the time to apply it in the busyness of the holiday season? 

I love how personal God is. He can see deeply into the recesses of our heart and immediately knows what we need.  The funny thing is He knows our need even before we know it for ourselves.  In His infinite wisdom and unconditional love for us, He knows what we need moment by moment and He desires us to come to Him to be replenished.  He recognized my dryness long before I did and in His grace filed love, the depth of which I can’t even fathom, He knew I needed those words to help me refocus my eyes on Him in during this Christmas season.

God offers us so many incredible ways to connect with Him.  We can taste Him daily by spending time in His word, allowing His words to fill our mind with encouragement, sustaining us and comforting us.  We can also sit at His feet and pray, listening for His quiet whisper.  Another way to connect with God is through worship music which fuels our soul.  But often for me, I hear from God mostly when I am outdoors in nature or spending time in a quiet place journaling my thoughts and reading His word. 

Those moments together with God replace all the dryness I feel deep within my soul and fill me with a peace that I am unable to put into words.  It is like every dry bone in my body is replaced with this energy and peace all at the same time.  To me, that is a reminder that the Holy Spirit is alive and well in my soul.  

I am so grateful that God continues to pursue us wholeheartedly day in and day out.  He is always with us, eagerly waiting for us to come to Him to taste in His goodness. Won’t you take some time today to go to the Father and taste in the goodness of peace and rest He has to offer you?



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