The Cross

by on April 18, 2014

Good Friday.

As a follower of Jesus, if I had been living in the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, I wouldn’t have thought the day was “good” by any means. To be present at His questioning, to hear the accusations being hurled at Jesus, would have made me cringe. To hear the crowds calling for the release of a murderer and to crucify Jesus instead, would have bought me to my knees.

Don’t these people understand who Jesus is? How can they not believe? What am I going to do?  Who is going to teach me now?

As I typed those words above, did you notice the self focus. I am surprised at my reaction. I wonder, is that what the followers in the crowds were thinking? In our humanness we tend to think of ourselves first when things go wrong and are out of our control. I then wondered, would I have cried out to God at the injustice?

From an outsiders perspective, the events of that day seemed out of control. But God’s redemptive plan was playing out before the eyes of every person in Jerusalem. The people may not have recognized it at the time, but Jesus was obediently following the call God had placed on His life. Jesus had come to save mankind. (Matthew 1:21)

Take time to read John 19:1-16 and Luke 23:32-49.

Imagine the intense pain Jesus must have been in as He was flogged repeatedly. Then, He was required to carry His own cross up the hill. Nails were placed in His hands and feet and then He was hung upright upon that cross. The image is one that I find difficult to visualize, if I were there, I would have had to turn away. Tears would have been flowing down my face at the horror and brutality of that day.


Without Jesus’ willing sacrifice upon that cross for my sin, I would not be free today. Today, I am fully alive because of Jesus, I am complete in Him. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and have access to the Father at all times. I am whole because of Jesus.

That’s the gift of GRACE.
Gods Riches At Christ’s Expense.
God’s unmerited favor towards me, not of my own power, for I can do nothing to save myself. (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:4-7)

That is the “good” in Good Friday.

Thank you for walking the lonely road to Calvary. Thank you for the suffering you endured on my behalf. I praise and worship You because You are God, You are Redeemer, and You are mine.

Because of your willingness and obedience on that day, I am free.
Free from trying to attain perfection, because you accept me as I am.
Free from all the rules and regulations that are impossible to follow.
Free from guilt and condemnation.
Free to be who you’ve created me to be.

In you I have rest from striving. Rest from perfection, rest that is divinely permanent.

Thank you Lord for your sacrifice so I can be your daughter, so I can have access to the Father 24/7, and that through the Holy Spirit I have You with me at all times.

All glory and honor belongs to You.



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