Thursday 10/31

by on November 1, 2013

Another wonderful day here in South Africa. We began the day by serving in the Genesis Care Center. We had an opportunity to walk around and pray with the patients as well as sing a few worship songs and share a devotional time. What a blessing to see God at work through the staff. He has filled them with such a passion for the sick. It is so evident that they love The Lord and His people.  I was particullary moved as I watched the nurses lovingly reassure those that were in distress with such tenderness. We could all take a lesson in compassion from them. It was so rewarding to here individual stories about not only the nurses but the patients as well. 

From there after lunch we headed back to Murchsion for some craft time with the children. There were all eagerly awaiting our arrival. Janette brought letters for them to answer from her children’s school. What a joy to watch as the kids wrote of their lives in South Africa. The most amazing part was as Letitia challenged the older school age children to pray for the student whose letter they received. As the children lined up for their snack to take home, it was amazing to see how orderly they were for a simple small carrot. Something most would turn down in the US.
There are pockets of Hope in Africa. God is visibly at work, but there is so much need as well. They have much to overcome, however their spirit is strong, they are confident God has a plan. I to have confidence in the Lords plans for South Africa. Although we can’t envision what it is, the picture so large, it is the pockets of hope that sustains, encourages and brings joy to so many children. Their faith, perseverance and joy is something I admire and pray I will follow their lead!
May The Lord invigorate my spirit these last few days, May he remove my sore throat so I may serve him fully. May His light shine through me so that He will be glorified!
I will rejoice, because I have complete confidence in You!  (2Cor 7:16)

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