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by on October 28, 2013

Praising God today for clearing the weather just enough today so we could could serve as planned. He protected us with less rain and roads that were passable. 

What an experience today was, so many emotionst o process as we served God on two separate 
The first was Khula Crèche. This is a daycare type center for young children who have no where to go while their caregiver is working or at school. They are as young as 2 and walk by themselves quite a long distance in all weather to spend the day, they are either orphaned by one parent or both. They are taught by some phenomanal women who have a love, passion and devotion for The Lord I have never seen before in my life.  Their worship and prayers filled the air, the Holy Spirit was truly welcomed there. Their commitment and confidence in our Lord and Savior just blew my mind and through them, God has me taking a hard look at my level of devotion to Him. 
One little boy, Kheto, just touched my heart as he sang for us and then he allowed me some time to play with him, hanging him upside down with joy and laughter. So looking forward to returning their on Wednesday.
We also traveled to Murchsion Community Center, an area ravaged by the Aids crisis, crime, unemployment and drugs. The center is an after school program for kids in the area. To see a godly woman running the center with such a passion and deep commitment to The Lord and the children in such an under resourced area again caused me to question my level of devotion to my Lord.
God has certainly opened my eyes to my faith “level” for lack of a better term, and has already shown me that my lack of confidence and trust in His amazing power to equip me in the things he’s called me to do, has caused me to not always act obediently when called by him.  It goes back to what Pastor Trevor said, Belief is academic, Conviction involves action. What actions am I willing to take when called by God? Will I obediently respond?
Grateful to have my eyes opened. 
Praising God for an amazing day and amazing spirit lead talks with my fabulous roomate!

Khula crèche water



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