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Yesterday after school was the big unveiling of the pottery creations from spring break.  The kids were so excited and I have to say we adults were just as excited as the kids. Anticipation in their eyes coupled with the inability to stand still while we waited for another friend to join us.  There was eagerness all around.

The excitement was contagious.  I have to admit, I was filled with anticipation all day as I waited for school to get out. Those two kids and their mom warm my heart and bless my life more than words can express.

Finally, the moment had arrived. We were all present, the big unveiling could begin.  The beauty of watching their expressions was simply the best part of my entire day.  Big eyes and big smiles as joy filled them from head to toe.  They were so proud of how their pottery turned out.  Their vision for their masterpiece was displayed for all to see. Brennon summed it up well-“All the time it took was worth it.”

Brennon and Alli

Brennon and Alli

I bet that is how God feels when He works within us and He sees us transformed into a new creation.  Eyes wide open with a big smile as He sees us discover parts of ourselves that fall in line with who He created us to be.  I can just hear His voice “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21) and “I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17b)

I began thinking about the discovery of our spiritual gifts. The gifts God instills in us that makes us who we are and that we are to use for His glory. The discovery is an unveiling for us as well. I can just envision God’s excitement as our heavenly Father when we follow His promptings and seek out the gifts He’s given us. The joy and anticipation as we use those gifts for His kingdom.  That is the true beauty of an unveiling. When our vision is cleared to see all that God has for us to do that fits in with the unique way He created us.  His specific purposes for us to use serving others in love and to display His glory for the world to see.

Discovering our spiritual gifts needn’t be work.  Our gifts are already present within us if we are open to God lifting the veil off our eyes.  In scripture there are listings of spiritual gifts
(1 Corinthians 12:7-11; Ephesians 4:11-13, Romans 12:6-8), but if you pray and look at the way God has wired you, you can often see what brings you joy and peace.  Those acts that bring you joy are often the gifts God has given to you to use for His glory. One of my gifts is serving others, I receive great joy in showing God’s love through acts of service.  I have other gifts as well, but it was through serving in different areas that I discovered the unique gifts God has given me.

The best way to discover your spiritual gifts is to trust God and step out in faith to serve Him in a variety of ways until you see Him unveil the gifts that lie within you.

Do you know your spiritual gifts? Will you step out today trusting God to unveil those gifts within you? And then will you use them for His glory? Look with eager anticipation for the unveiling as He opens your eyes to the beauty within you.

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