Valentine’s Day

by on February 14, 2014

I find it hard to believe today is Valentine’s Day.  Halfway through February and here in Chicago, winter is still holding on strong. Oh how I could go for a little bit of warmth in my bones this year.  The long winter days, the gray clouds, the endless snow and cold have made me yearn for the sun and the sand, for the brilliance of the sparkling ocean, and for the beauty of the tropical flowers.

Valentine’s Day for me is a day to honor my love, my husband of 25 years, who is such an incredible gift from God. For our son and daughter in law, this will be their first valentine’s as a married couple-romance all fresh and lovely. For our youngest son, this will be his first valentines as a boyfriend. For many, this may be a day of sadness because you are alone this particular day that honors relationships. For each of us Valentines has a different meaning. For you, different memories may come to mind, or maybe you are hoping to form new memories this day.

Today has me remembering the warmth and gentleness of God’s love towards all his children.  You may not see him, you may not even acknowledge him as your God, but he is still there.  He is not just looking on, he is actively at work around each of us and in us every day. God loves us all with such a deep passionate love that he gave his one and only son on a cross, so that we could live. (John 3:16) Sacrificial love, the love of our heavenly Father, deep, personal, and intimate. How have you seen his love?

For many, with this long winter weather, comes a season of sadness.  Where the losses we have experienced become more pronounced or where the grayness brings on the winter blahs. When we are in our deepest darkest place, feeling like the deadness within will never cease, unable to crawl out from under the pressures of grief-God is there. It is often in this season of winter, that God does the most fruitful work in our lives. Winter can be a season of transformation.

I have been in a season of what I call transformation. A season of change as I seek to yield to God with greater consistency and seek his guidance for my life. (John 14:23) At times, it has been a challenge as God lovingly points out areas of my life that I still cling tightly to. Often times it has been frustrating as I fall back on old methods of coping with uncertainty. But through it all God has gently moved me forward, revealing more of himself the more I yield to him. It has been and will continue to be an amazing adventure in love.

I liken the transformation process to an ice sculptors work.  The master sculptor starts with a block of ice, looking at it from all angles, to “see” the masterpiece within.  He gently begins shaving off pieces of ice until the masterpiece is revealed.  That is how God works.  He created us with a masterpiece in mind, and he will lovingly shave off the sin that prevents us from becoming who he created us to be.  This is a concept hard to wrap my mind around, God already knew who I would become.  His patient love, gentle, and pure has only the best in mind for us.
How are you experiencing his transformative work in your life?

The love of Jesus is constant and unchanging even in the changing seasons of our life.  Life will always be changing, but knowing that Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forever(Hebrews 13:8) brings me comfort.  To know he loves me and wants to guide my life for my good and his glory-that is love divine!

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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