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Have you ever spent the morning weeding your flower beds only to get up off your knees and notice the weeds you had not seen? There they are poking up out of the mulch, waving in the breeze. All that back breaking work only to be thwarted by a few weeds. How could I have missed them?
It wasn’t until I stood up and saw the full flower bed, that my eyes could focus upon the bigger picture. That truth has stuck with me this past week. The full view and the larger picture. I have been experiencing this in my own walk with Christ this summer.
I have been noticing in my journal time that God is working in my heart to weed out thought patterns that are not of Him or of His design for my life. Thought patterns that draw my focus away from Him and onto patterns that are not life giving.
We all have them, thoughts that run rampant when we are stressed or when we disappoint, thoughts that cause us to doubt our vocation or our direction. We are bombarded daily with media images of success, wealth, and pleasure that we begin to question if we’re making the right choices for our lives. Our inner voice begins and it often causes turmoil within our souls.
Jesus declares in Mathew 15:13 “Every plant my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots.”
We all know it is hard to remove any weed from the root. Sometimes the pulling requires a little more effort to get the whole weed, a little sweat to remove the pesky life sucking root. When God is doing the work in pulling the weed within us, revealing the errant thoughts, it is often a process and sometimes requires us to look deep within. This process of change takes yielding on our part to allow God to do the work within us, to transform us into the person He calls us to be. Am I willing to yield to the bigger picture?
Thoughts are a crazy thing, I may not think of my thoughts as life draining, but when they are not of Christ, they are of the evil one. God desires only the best for me, but for that to occur, I need to yield to the Gardeners work within in my heart, soul and mind. God sees the bigger picture, He knows who I am created to be and will ensure I fulfill His call, but the process is likely to be a little less painful the more yielded my heart is to the Gardener.
Paul puts it best “the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” (Romans 8:6) That is what I desire, Life and Peace. I desire to live a life fully surrendered to my Savior so I am living the abundant life available in Him.
What “weeds” has God brought to mind in your life today? How willing are you to yield to Him, to bring about change, to live the abundant life He desires for you?



Thanks for being so honest and for speaking from your heart! Keep writing – God is doing a great work through you! Your writing always hits home and I believe touches people with the words they need to hear!

Well written and received at an important moment. Hubby was laid off and I do believe we, along with God, have some gardening to do. oxo Deb

Deb, So sorry to hear that Michael was laid off. As you embark on this new journey of fully relying upon our Lord, I pray you feel his tenderness and love towards you both. I pray that as He leads you both along this new path, you will see the darkness become light, the rough road smoothed, and that you rest in the knowledge He will never leave nor forsake you.(Isaiah 42:16)
I will keep you in my prayers!

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