by on April 8, 2014

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? That you were lacking in some area? Is there an emptiness inside that you can’t seem to fill as you follow worldly patterns of living?

We’ve all had these feelings to some degree or another, whether it be in our jobs, our relationships, parenting skills, or in friendships.  We all fall short if we are trying to measure up to the world’s standard that is unachievable. We fall short if we are using the world’s measuring stick. We try to fill the void by acquiring things. We try to improve ourselves using self-help books to help us “attain” what we think is acceptable and would make us happy.  It is a never-ending treadmill of dissatisfaction when we use the world as our measuring stick.

There is a better way to live.  God, in his infinite wisdom provides a better way through Jesus Christ.  Jesus, through His death on a cross, provides us a new identity in Him, one that finds us whole, vibrant, and with a new vision for living.  Do you find your identity in Jesus? Do you know Him? He knows you.

Jesus is seeking you, because He loves you (Luke 15:3-7).  He can show you a better way to live if you will let Him. Easter is only 13 days from now, won’t you take some time to learn more about Him. Pick up a Bible and read about His life in scripture. See His love for you through His sacrifice for your sin.  Satisfaction and completeness can only be found in Him. Only He can make you whole.


Wholeness in Christ is seen through:

Acceptance as His Child – John 1:121 John 3:1

Relationship – John 15:15; 1 Corinthians 6:17

Redemption – Colossians 1:13-14Ephesians 1:7

Security – Romans 8:1-2; Romans 8:38-39

Significance – John 15:16; John 10:14-18

Strength – Philippians 4:13; Isaiah 40:31

Peace – Philippians 4:7; John 16:33

I pray you will take the time to read through the verses above and allow God to touch your heart today.  “May the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every way.” (2 Thessalonians 3:16, emphasis added)



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