Meet Julie

Meet Julie

Hi there,

I’m grateful you’ve here and hope you’ll join me on an adventure following Jesus. Id love to share with you the story He is writing in my life.


I never thought I’d become a writer. I have a degree in accounting and was surprised when I began sensing Jesus’ call to share what He is teaching me with others. God definitely has a sense of humor. He’s transformed my number loving brain into one that has a passion to share the numerous ways He shows up in our lives. 

Through multiple battles with cancer, and a kidney transplant, Jesus has taught me about joy and contentment no matter my circumstances. During my illnesses, I had more time to spend with Jesus each day. In our time together, I learned about Him, and I experienced a deeper sense of peace and calm in my soul. As I became more aware of His presence in my life, I was filled with an increasing desire to spend time with Him. I began making my morning time with Him a priority in my life.

My life journey hasn’t been easy. Some of my days have been heart wrenching, but by Jesus’ grace and strength, He continues to write His story in my life. He has shown me life is an adventure when I place my hand in His and trust Him every step of the way. And yes, sometimes I’m very resistant to relinquishing control. As my relationship with Jesus grows, through spending time with Him each day, I have the peace He promises in Philippians 4:7—the peace that does surpass all understanding.

My family is my biggest cheerleader. I am married to Maurice, best husband ever, and we have two adult sons who married women with a heart for God. We are blessed to be grandparents and they bring us immense joy. Seeing life through their eyes reminds us to leave our constraints behind and enjoy life as they do.

Friend, Jesus pursues us daily. He will go to the ends of the earth to get our attention and draw us into a relationship with Him. He’s present in the quiet moments of our day and when we’re overwhelmed. He’s walking with us when life is going well and when it's challenging. I’ve found it’s in the hardest of circumstances when He draws us closer to Himself. It’s in those moments, if we allow, our faith can take off and soar. And yes, it's scary to release ourselves into His loving care—relinquishing control is difficult.

Finding time to spend with Jesus each day is challenging. We live busy lives. But, when we create space to spend with Him, He promises to strengthen and refresh our souls. He will sustain us in the everyday moments of life, carrying us, leading us, and bringing us a lasting joy and peace only He can provide.

Jesus wants you to experience joy and contentment no matter your circumstances. He cares about every aspect of your life; nothing is too small or too big to bring to His loving arms. He is faithful to see you through your challenges and He will use them to prepare you for a life of adventure with Him.

I hope you’ll join me on an adventure following Jesus. Together we can encourage one another to connect with Jesus each day. I invite you to join our community by signing up for my monthly newsletter. As we create space in our lives to spend with Him, we’ll find words of encouragement, direction, and learn more about the God who loves us deeply.

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