by on April 11, 2014

This morning I am watching a pair of robins prepare their nest for the eggs to come.  They are continually flying near my back door to grab bits and pieces of dried up stems from my hosta flowers. I can see the evergreen tree they are flying into where they are patiently constructing their nest.  One stem, one branch at a time as they work toward their goal. A home for the baby birds to come. They will care for and feed their babies until they grow enough to live on their own.  Parents, lovingly teaching and instructing their babies how to survive in this big world.

God has also prepared a heavenly home for us and this brings me great comfort. (John 14:2-3) With Easter approaching, my thoughts have been turning to the resurrection of Jesus and His ascension into heaven.  Today I am wondering what heaven is like because that is now my mom’s home.

Spring brings on a series of emotions for me.  I love the rejuvenation of the land, to visibly see the new growth of flowers, grasses and to watch the leaves forming on the trees.  Finally the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sun, the birds, and breathe in the fresh air.  But some days, spring brings a little sadness to my soul.  I long to enjoy the days with my Mom, to plan for visits and long walks in the woods.  To share the newness of life as an empty nester.

This April, my mom would have been 71 years old. I have no doubt she would have been just as vibrant today, full of energy and fashionably dressing if she were still alive.  She’s been gone now for 4 years and she has missed a few great milestones our lives. This year would have marked 52 years of marriage for her and my dad and I know he still misses her as deeply today as the day she entered heaven. She was greatly missed as our oldest married in August 2013 and she will be greatly missed this Easter as we celebrate my 50th birthday.

Although I am grateful her suffering is over, that she is in heaven with our Lord, I still long for her to be here for not just the milestones, but the everyday life events. She took great joy in living, in being a grandma, and in being a wife.  She would have loved this spring and celebrating Easter with her family.

I hope the weather where you live is giving you a beautiful taste of spring and that you have the blessing of watching the birds build their nest in preparation for their families.

As we prepare our homes for Easter, I am sure many of you will also be missing family members around the table and I hope you will find comfort in your memories and in the love of Jesus.





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