by on March 14, 2014

Spring in the air, the  snow is melting, and finally there is opportunity to get outdoors and experience God the Father in new ways.  In spring we can visually see the renewal going on in the earth. The trees begin budding, the tulips begin coming up, and yes the snow will finally melt. For me, I find spring to bring rejuvenation and renewal to my soul. I find that being outdoors and seeing all that God has created for my enjoyment, brings me joy and makes me say Amen!  I take time to pray outdoors and experience Him at a different level than I do in the winter.

Wednesday night as I was getting ready for bed, a song came on the radio and I couldn’t help but sing along.  It’s a song that is totally focused on how God is there for us always, whether we see Him or not.  He’s there for us to lean on, He knows we mess up, He see’s our brokenness, and He see’s our loneliness. God’s love never ends. The song is by Matt Maher and it’s called “And all the People said Amen”.

Before you read any further, I would really like you to take time to listen to this song…..

I pray this song blessed you as it did me.  Did you see the faces of those in the video? Did you see the joy, the smiles, and the dancing?  I love it. Rejoicing in Renewal. That’s how I feel every time I hear that song.  And let me tell you, I’ve played it over and over since Wednesday night. That song has renewed my soul and brightened by spirit. It caused me to rejoice in all the ways God works in every life, not just in those who believe, but the patient love he takes in drawing non believers to himself. He displays himself daily if only we would take the time to open our eyes and look with a fresh perspective.

Sometimes renewal is difficult to find.  We can be so tired at the end of a long work week that we really aren’t interested in doing another thing. We’d just like to sit back and space out, lose ourselves in front of a television, or maybe in a fictional book.  God sees our exhaustion, he even understands it, after all Jesus ministered long hours each day to the people he encountered.

How do you find renewal when you are exhausted? A hot bath, knitting, or reading, there are many options out there to find rest and rejuvenation.  For Jesus, he found renewal spiritually by withdrawing and spending time alone with God in prayer.  A conversation with a Father who was always ready to listen, to encourage, and to fill Jesus with a new found energy to get through another day of ministry.  This type of renewal required an abiding in the Father for the physical and emotional strength to minister every day. Jesus understood he could do nothing apart from his Father’s help.

Are you exhausted today? Another busy weekend ahead? How are you going to find renewal this weekend? I challenge you, as well as myself, to seek the Father for this renewal. Let’s make a conscious effort to seek Him in prayer, to attend church, and to open our Bibles. To read about what Jesus has to say about abiding, read John 15:1-17. Enjoy and be blessed this weekend.



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