Spring Challenges

Spring Challenges



Over the last few weeks I have been writing about the Fruit of the Spirit, looking at each trait individually. This week the topic is goodness. As I began to think about the word, I realized how intertwined the Fruit is. Each a part of the other and when we are truly in tune with …

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Have you ever thought of each day as an opportunity to show kindness to the people you encounter? Divine appointments to share a smile, to hold a door, to treat a stranger to a cup of coffee, or to simply start a conversation while waiting in line. A simple gesture can change the course of …

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Patience, is something we all struggle with.  Whether its patience with our kids, or trying to patient for our circumstances change, or the patience necessary to wait upon God to act, we all have some area in our lives that requires patience on our part.   I remember when I was a new believer and …

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