Prayer Rhythms

Prayer Rhythms


Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

Wrapped in a hoodie, my hands tucked in the sleeves, I am surprised by fall this year. The cooler air, the muted greens and yellows of the leaves and the morning wind, all reminders the season is changing. I’ve enjoyed the summer on the lake. Waterskiing, sunset cruises, and gatherings with family and friends. Each a …

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Excitement is in the air as I prepared to travel to a writers conference. With a sense of purpose and longing, I created business cards. Filled with anticipation, hope and apprehension, my dream moving to reality, I took the plunge to meet with a publisher, opening myself up in a way I hadn’t before. As …

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Waves of Change

Water smooth as glass, the morning still, the world awakening, the stillness creating a reflection of the sky above and of the trees below. Clouds seen dancing on the water, the ducks lazily swimming by as the sun streams thru the trees, another day beginning. Savoring my rich morning coffee, no wave in sight, I …

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