From Striving to Surrender: A Journey of Faith, Healing, and Transformation

From Striving to Surrender: A Journey of Faith, Healing, and Transformation

A Journey of Surrender

From Striving to Surrender: A Journey of Faith, Healing, and Transformation

This month, I share June’s story of transformation. God often uses challenging circumstances in our lives to move us from a life of striving to a life of surrender and dependence upon Him. It tends to be a painful process, but one the Lord uses to draw us closer to Him and transform us into the person He’s created us to be. May her story be an encouragement to you if you find yourself in a season of change.

From Striving to Surrender:
A Journey of Faith, Healing, and Transformation
by June Pimpo

I used to think that if I “colored between the lines” and obeyed the rules, God would answer my prayers. It seemed to happen that way in my past. I was living a pretty wonderful life with my loving husband and four healthy kids.  

But what I didn’t realize is that I was treating God like a vending machine.

If I put in faith plus prayer, I would get my answer—just like that. 

But in 2020, my life got turned upside down.


Striving Produces Stress

As the stress increased in our lives, I found I didn’t know how to handle or balance any of it. I began having panic attacks, severe tinnitus, roller coasters of anxiety, and stroke symptoms. You name it and I felt like I was experiencing it. 

I tried medications to calm my nerves and found myself in the emergency room multiple times due to their side effects. I took a short leave from work, but I couldn’t cope. It was all too much. I had to quit my job and felt like a complete failure. I could hardly function at anything. 

Then, I began to have bizarre symptoms. Light and sound sensitivity. Nerve vibrations in my extremities. I sought out trusted nutritionists, as well as homeopathic and holistic doctors, who gave me good counsel, but nothing seemed to help. 

I continued to get worse. So, I just worked harder to get better. I restricted my diet even more. I tried every therapy you can think of, but my symptoms wouldn’t subside.

After visits to multiple different doctors, they found systemic toxicity in my body: mold, heavy metals, Lymes, and other infections. I reached a point where I felt hopeless.

I was desperately trying to find the PATH TO HEALING, and it was nowhere to be found. 

I confess I wanted to die. 

I couldn’t handle living in pain. 

I could not function. 

I remember looking in the mirror, shocked by my thin and frail body, and saying, “GOD, YOU HAVE STRIPPED ME NAKED. I HAVE NOTHING TO OFFER ANYMORE. I CAN’T FIX THIS.” 

I began to question if God really loved me. I was trying so hard to get better, but nothing was working.


Surrendered Living

Only one thing seemed to soothe my body: SINGING PRAISE AND WORSHIP. 

I sang at home for hours every day. Singing is good for your brain and perspective, so I sang. My singing muffled the ringing in my ears. Daily singing helped me get my heart set on Jesus and off myself and my circumstances. 

I poured myself into God’s Word, memorizing and reciting it aloud. The more I verbalized God’s Word and sang His praises, things began to change.

My mind responded to the Lord’s presence. 

My Shepherd

I became determined that if I was going to be sick, I was going to share my faith with every doctor and every person that was taking care of me, and I did.  Slowly, my body started to improve as my life was transformed into what God wanted all along….a surrendered me.

Looking back, I can see that I spent my life striving to prove myself to others for all the wrong reasons. I sought approval and acceptance from people instead of finding my identity in God.

It’s been nearly 4 years, and I still struggle with some symptoms that won’t seem to go away. But God has healed me from so much. 

I am praising Jesus because He has freed me from my constant anxiety. He has given me a new direction and tools to handle the stresses in my life better. 


God has opened up beautiful opportunities for ministry that I wouldn’t have had if I was working full-time. Now, instead of a full-time job, I work part-time. I am available to volunteer as a mentor mom for MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) and have the blessing of leading a Women’s Bible study at my church. 

I am so thankful God turned my life upside down to steer me in a new direction. Though I still struggle with my symptoms, with His grace and transforming power, I continue to grow in the art of daily surrender. 




June, thank you for encouraging us with your story of Jesus’ presence in your life. It is a testimony to the power of words. Both the Word of God and the words we use to pray, worship, and praise.

In honor of June, I hope this song encourages you today.

Faithfully by Toby Mac

Blessings this day,


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