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Leaves rustle, twisting and turning in the breeze as the forest branches sway, making a symphony of music. Along the path, fluttering through the air, rising and falling with the breeze, a small yellow butterfly searches for a place to land. The sunlight enhances its bright yellow hues. Though smaller than the nail of my thumb, its ability to fly against the breeze and land safely on a leaf displays its prowess. Its wings are stronger than their size reflects. As it rests, I stop, grateful for God’s creative attention to detail. Even the small butterfly has been created by Him to flourish in the breeze. As I continue my walk, the butterfly seems to lead the way along the path before me.

Butterflies have special place in my heart. God has used them at various times to remind me of His presence. When life is difficult, I sometimes forget I am not alone on the journey. He is always walking both with me and before me. 

The first time God used a butterfly to remind me of His presence was when my mom was terminally ill. When visiting, I would take a break from caring for her and take a walk. On a day when it was especially difficult, I noticed a small yellow butterfly flying alongside me. At first it flew alongside me along my parents driveway, then it flew slightly in front of me around the corner and down their country road, never getting too far ahead. Mind you, this was a 30 minute journey. What are the odds? I had been praying for strength, patience, and a reminder of His presence during my walk and God provided an ordinary butterfly as a reminder. 

God uses the ordinary in life to remind us of Himself.

God has used butterflies through other health journeys in my life. Most recently, while on dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant, He again provided yellow butterflies, at various times to encourage me. I sensed Him saying, you are stronger than you think. My grace is sufficient and my power will be made perfect in your weakness. 

I don’t fully understand how, when life’s challenges seem overwhelming to me, a single yellow butterfly appears. But God definitely knows how to get my attention. He has given me an appreciation for the little things in nature. He knows I see reminders of Him when I pause to observe all He’s created around me. 

God tailor-makes reminders of His presence for each of us. 

What might be something ordinary in your life God is using to remind you of His presence?

When we are observant, we can see evidence of God’s presence in our life. As we stop being in constant motion and take a deep breath, our minds have a chance to slow down, clearing the way for God to make His presence known. It becomes an opportunity for a holy moment, for God to touch your heart. 

My friend, whatever might be troubling you today, share it with the Lord. Ask Him to encourage you with His presence. Slow down, allow your body to rest and look for God in the ordinary moments of your day. 

I pray today He fills you with peace and joy. 


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7 thoughts on “Butterflies”

  1. The Lord tailor-makes reminders of HIs presence for each of us… I like that. I have to think what that looks like for me. Thank you for this!

  2. Butterflies are also one of my favs in His creation. Their gentle and beautiful flow touch me always. He does love us so much and I am so grateful and aware of His presence. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Julie! Your love for God and His presence in your difficult days inspires me. I am thankful that He shows Himself in the ordinary happenings of our everyday lives!

  4. Thanks for reminding me to pause and take the time to notice the small things that God puts in our lives! You are so observant! God has truly blessed you with your writing! Thanks for following His promptings so that your writing can be a blessing to me and to so many others!

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