Squeals of delight fill the air as a feast of bubbles float through the backyard. Swirling and floating upwards with the wind, her delight increases as numerous bubbles land on the grass. My granddaughter, Eevy, excitedly runs in circles, unable to contain the joy in her soul. Bubbles are everywhere.

Let’s be real, delighting in life is difficult when the pressures of life become overwhelming and the endless to do list grows. And a pandemic isn’t helping!  How do we make space to recalibrate our thoughts turning them like a child’s to the sheer delight of life? 

Squeals of laughter fill the air as her daddy sneaks around the corner and begins making a series of silly faces he knows she’ll enjoy. He knows how to get her laughing, how to fill her with delight by his antics. Squeals of my granddaughter, Corrie, discovering the joys of being the focus of her daddy’s undivided attention and love.

Seeing life from my granddaughter’s perspective, I’m learning to appreciate the small moments before me and to make more time for play. Tuning in to their joy, no expectations for our time together, my focus only on them, I’ve become aware of how God delights in our time together, my focus only on Him. By putting aside my expectations for each day I am able to “tune in” to joy and see the day before me with new clarity and childlike wonder. Though I admit, I’m having a hard time visualizing our great and mighty God squealing in delight as I spend time in His presence. 

Though I am pretty good at creating time for play with my granddaughters, lately I haven’t been great at creating time for play with my husband. Our weekend to do list seems to grow longer each weekend, leaving us with little time to do the things which bring us delight. We are spending time together, but our focus is on getting the tasks done, not on each other. Our bikes sit dusty in the garage as we exhaust ourselves with trying to get through our list of tasks. Can you relate with me?

God desires for us to delight in the presence of one another. To make time for play, laughter, dreaming and conversations. To turn our focus off ourselves and towards each other. It’s in the play, where we are refreshed as we laugh together and enjoy activities. Time together refuels our souls and replenishes our strength to approach the to do list. These moments help to sustain and grow our relationships in a different way compared to completing “tasks” together.

God created each of us with an innate desire to delight in life, to delight in each other and to delight in Him. To sit at his feet in child like wonder and spend time in His presence. He’s eagerly waiting to replenish our souls in moments of prayer, to take hold of our to do list and help us carve out time for play because He is delighted to see His children enjoy the life He’s given them. Like my granddaughter delights in the face of her earthly father, our Heavenly Father is peaking around the corner waiting for us to turn our face towards Him in delight to spend time together. He’s ready and waiting to give us His undivided attention. Won’t you turn towards His waiting smile and experience a moment of peace to be replenished today.

My Prescription for Delight:
– Morning coffee or tea and time with Jesus
– Time together with my husband biking, boating and hiking
– Time with my boys, their wives, and the granddaughters
– Time with extend family and friends
– Anything outdoors
– Chocolate, because it simply makes me smile and tastes great
– Curling up with a good book in front of the fire

What brings you delight? I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Delight”

  1. I am so glad you can spend time with all of them, those little ones are a joiy. We have one great-Granddaughter and they are so special. But they grow up so fast.. Glad to hear you are doing well, I will continue to pray for you.. I am sure they are a delight to your Dad. Winter is getting closer, so stay by the fire with a good book.
    Love to you,

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