Experience Transformation and Thrive

Experience Transformation and Thrive

Experience Transformation and Thrive

Experience Transformation and Thrive

We are more than halfway through January, and my “goals” haven’t quite come together as I’d hoped. How about you?

My plans weren’t necessarily resolutions but a desire to make conscious choices in my life. Some are professional, and others relate to my personal life.

Resolutions surround us in January, and it feels good to proclaim we will make changes. There are typical hopes of weight loss, exercise, eating healthier, and controlling our finances. Some choose a word for the year and desire to live life in a way that reflects the heart of that word.

My chosen word – THRIVE (More on that later.)

We make resolutions because we want to see a transformation that leads to thriving in life. But, when resolutions don’t consider the full scope of our life circumstances, they are hard to sustain.

I’ve learned that making sustainable changes doesn’t work when I try to change in my strength. When I attempt to work the plan without looking at my life as a whole, things never work out well.

I’m grateful Jesus offers us help to change. He doesn’t ask us to change alone or in our own strength. He promises His grace is sufficient, and His POWER is made perfect in our weakness.

Jesus is the one who provides us with wisdom to create sustainable life practices.

He is the sustainer of all things.

Hebrews 1:3 NIV

Jesus sustains the universe and will see it through to its completion. He upholds creation through the power of His word, actively moving it forward, out of love, for His people. He is at work in our lives, guiding us toward the transformation He desires.

I think of the word upholds as the glue that keeps all things together, including us (Colossians 1:17). Sustains as the fuel that keeps the world turning, the sustenance to help us thrive.

Transformation and Thrive with Jesus

The WORD OF GOD (Jesus) is the fuel and the glue.

Let’s go back to the word THRIVE.

We all have the desire to thrive in life. To flourish and grow into our full potential as a child of God. We are searching for contentment and the fullness of who we are.

It’s a journey of self-discovery into who the Lord created us to be. It’s an adventure Jesus walks with us and leads the way.

As we look to Jesus to make changes, He guides and directs us along the best path for today. He sustains us through His Word and presence. He encourages us and offers glimpses of Himself in creation and the people around us. He is uniquely qualified to help us grow into the fullness of our name – Child of God.

What changes can we institute to begin the transformation we desire in 2023 and experience His sustaining power?

  • I encourage you to pray. Write down your current obligations and schedule. Lay these before the Lord. As Him what is necessary, what might need to be released, and where you could add daily time with Him.
  • Read your bible. Start with ten minutes a day. There are countless bible reading plans available in the YouVersion bible app. A good beginning is their Foundations of Faith 5-day reading plan.
  • Increase your awareness of your surroundings. Make a conscious effort to look up every day. Look with the curiosity of a child. Look for the presence of God.
  • What brings you joy? Music, nature, or friends. Turn those activities into a worship experience. Pause and talk to Him during those activities. Look for Him around you. Praise God for those experiences.
  • Gather with some friends and intentionally talk about Jesus. Share your needs. Encourage others with your observations of God in your life.
  • Serving grows us and our faith. Serve at your local church, at a shelter, or food pantry. It’s an opportunity to step outside ourselves and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Take one step today and grab the hand of God. Pick one activity from the list above. Open your heart to the transformation He desires for you today. As you do, you will THRIVE and encounter Jesus in the ordinary moments of your day.

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2 thoughts on “Experience Transformation and Thrive”

  1. Julie,

    It is exciting to get to know you through your writings. Who knew God would bring us another “rich” woman. I am truly blessed to have you in this group of BSF women. They don’t know yet what you will have to share and I am excited to see how God will weave this tapestry this season. He is by far, the finest weaver!


    1. Laura, it is exciting to watch God as He weaves His people together. He is the best. I look forward to seeing Him at work in this season of BSF.

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