The Beauty of God’s Word: A Treasure Chest of Discovery Waiting for You

The Beauty of God’s Word: A Treasure Chest of Discovery Waiting for You

May 2023-2

The Beauty of God’s Word: A Treasure Chest of Discovery Waiting for You

Long ago, a gift was given. This gift, a simple box, is small in size. Its deeply hued browns give it an appearance of age. Its color and shape, along with its gleaming latch, add to the intrigue of its contents. This is not any box. With an imagination, it’s a treasure chest filled with riches. Discovering what’s inside brings our granddaughters boundless joy and excitement.

Shells, coins from around the world, bracelets, lip balm, and rubber creatures fill this magical treasure chest. Simple items from our house, but with imagination and a willingness to participate in a journey, there is excitement in its reveal.

As I share in the journey, their eagerness and anticipation to discover what’s inside become magical. My eyes see life from a new perspective. The treasure isn’t what’s inside. It’s in the willingness to participate in the journey of discovery.


The Cambridge Dictionary defines discovery as finding something for the first time, or something that had not been known before.

Life is full of discovery. An ongoing process, regardless of age, as long as we’re willing and keep an open mind.

And it’s especially true when we learn and discover things about Jesus. Our most significant source of discovery is in Scripture itself.

God’s Word is a Treasure Chest Filled with Wisdom

Truths about God and us.  Inside the Bible are commands, declarations, and encouragement. Scripture ministers to an aching heart, transforms lives, reveals, directs, and guides. The list could go on. The discovery is in letting go of our preconceived notions and allowing God to teach us who He is, how to follow Him, and what it means to have a relationship with Him.

Psalm 119:11 (TPT)

The psalmist sees God’s Word as precious, worthy of his time, and crucial to His life.

What would it look like if Scripture were integral to your life?
(I’m asking myself this same question.)

Scripture is a part of my daily life, but if I’m honest, I don’t always approach it as the treasure God intends. When I read a passage I know well, I can give it a cursory read, missing God’s treasure for me in the moment. Somedays, I lack the excitement my granddaughters exude as they seek the treasure.

Scripture is a Treasure

How do we treasure God’s Word?

  • Begin with prayer. Prayer makes your heart receptive to the Word of God. Praise God for who He is and how you’ve seen His presence. Specifically, ask for His help to set aside preconceived ideas about the passage you are reading. Have an open mind.
  • Read (or listen): Look for words or actions that describe the character of God. You may see repeated words that call your attention to who He is and His activity. Look for words that describe His love, mercy, grace, forgiveness, or other attributes of the Lord. Highlight, underline, or journal the words you see.
  • Reflect: What stood out? Do you have any questions? Write those down. Reading or listening to the passage in an alternate translation can be helpful and bring clarity.
  • Praise: Thank God for what He’s revealed to you in the passage. Praise Him for whom He is using the words you read. And if you have questions, thank Him for those too.
  • Treasure: Choose one thing that caught your eye and recall it throughout your day. Get creative and use your imagination to help you remember. What caught your attention was the treasure God was waiting for you to discover.
The Bible is Your Treasure Chest

Some days it is something small. Other times, it is a reminder of a nugget of truth you already knew, and then there are moments when God reveals something new.

Each revelation in Scripture is a gift to be treasured—an offering from God to deepen our roots of faith.

As these treasures from God multiply in our lives, we are quicker to recognize encounters with Jesus in the ordinary moments of our day.

As summer begins and your schedule shifts and changes, I pray you create a rhythm in your day to treasure God’s Word in your heart.

Jesus, increase our desire to spend time with You each day. May we come to You with curiosity and a willingness to learn and grow. Help us to treasure Your Word in our hearts each day.



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