Living with Awe and Wonder: Recognizing God’s Love

Living with Awe and Wonder: Recognizing God’s Love

Awe and Wonder

Living with Awe and Wonder: Recognizing God’s Love

Awe and Wonder

God loves to surprise us. To leave us awestruck and speechless. He is a God who takes our breath away.

It happens in an instant this awe and wonder. He catches our attention in striking, bold ways and the subtlest of quiet moments. From the visual array of burnt oranges in the morning sky to the tiniest creatures He creates, or the vibrant tapestry of the butterfly’s wings, our God fills us with awe and wonder when we live an observant life.

This week, a butterfly caught my grandchildren’s attention, stopping them in their tracks. They quietly crept closer to get a better look. They were left speechless as they observed the vibrant colors on its wings. Lemony yellow, speckled in jet black and kissed with sapphire blue.

Watching it closely as it fluttered from flower to flower, they slowly followed along, marveling at its graceful movement in the soft breeze. Awe and wonder, no questions, just enjoying the visual treat. At that moment, I sensed God was delighted to surprise them with His love.


Now imagine with me for a moment. You’re living during Jesus’ time on Earth. You’ve been hearing about Jesus from people around you. You travel with friends to listen to Him preach. There is excitement in the crowd. His words, the authority in the way He speaks—the ease He has with sharing a message about light and darkness. The Good News. His proclamation that He is the Son of God. The promised Messiah. Come to save. To save you. To forgive your sins.

Your heart beats rapidly; you are in awe. Your friends are amazed. What Jesus says has moved your heart, and you are in awe of everything He has shared. You are speechless.

You’d like to talk with Jesus. But the crowd is too large. You’ll never get through. So, you stick close by and watch. You hear how He’s healed people. You listen to His disciples sharing this same Good News. As you observe, listen, and hear more from others, your heart opens, and by faith, you believe. You immediately give thanks and praise for the forgiveness and love you’ve received.

Encountering the Presence of Jesus

In Jesus’ life, there were miracles, signs, and wonders. His resurrection and ascension into heaven still fill us with awe and wonder today. Bold, visible moments to draw attention to the goodness and love of God for humanity.

God does bold, visible signs in people’s lives and on Earth. Miracles do happen. But He often chooses to work subtly, in ways we miss if we’re not observant. I know there have been times when I’ve looked back after a difficult season with fresh eyes and said, “Wow, that was you, God.”

Becoming observant isn’t easy. There are days when my head is down, and I’m knee-deep in the trenches of a project and fail to lift my head. I wonder how much of the Lord’s presence I miss on those days. I must remember to lift my head.  Maybe an alert on my phone or watch. Hmmm, I do get that alert to stand up every hour…

We’re busy people with busy lives. We have obligations. Necessary things that need to get done each day. Some days there is hardly time for ourselves.

Living Intentionally

Each encounter with Jesus invites us to experience life with awe and wonder.

How do we become more observant to recognize encounters with Jesus?

Slow Down
Take five minutes and just be still. Humbly Allow God into this moment with you. He will do a work in your heart.

Ask God to open your eyes to see the works of His hands. Invite Him into your day. Call on Him to nurture a sense of awe and wonder at who He is.

When you read your Bible, thank Him for how He reveals Himself through the Word. Look for repeated words and descriptions of His character. Scan for characteristics of who you are as His child.

Move your focus off your circumstance and fill your mind with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy.  Philippians 4:8 (VOICE)

When we practice living observantly, embracing a slower pace, and seeing through the innocent eyes of a child, we allow ourselves to be immersed in the marvelous presence of God, actively molding our lives and vividly present in the world around us.

Awe and Wonder

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you this week. May He show you His favor and give you His peace as you seek to live with awe and wonder at His amazing love and grace.

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