Prayer Rhythms

Prayer Rhythms

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Prayer Rhythms

Fall is the perfect time to unplug for a few days. My annual trip up north to visit my dad gives me the space to slow down and rest. There is something about being in a new location with a different rhythm of life. I love that the internet service is slow and the tv is never on. It’s quiet, the pace of the day is unstructured, and there is plenty of time to visit, reconnect and listen to Jesus.

My time up north also gives me time to pause and reflect. As I hike in the woods, the contrasting beauty of barren trees and a few remaining wildflowers, often stops me in my tracks. In the silence, my heart and mind open to hear God speaking truth into my soul. These moments feel holy and sacred as He realigns my heart and reminds me He is trustworthy, loving, and with me.

Once home, it can be hard to maintain the peace I found. Often, I get drawn right back into trying to control the motion of the events around me. That’s when I need the tools I’ve put into place to slow my heart back down, turn to God and release the things that are causing me anxiety.

Today I wanted to share my two new favorite tools with you that are helping me refocus my heart and mind on what is truly important in my day.

  • Prayer Notecards – Really…can you imagine. When was the last time you used a notecard? Each morning I begin my quiet time by writing down what I call Today’s Concerns. It’s my way of releasing thoughts that prevent me from focusing on today. As I pray and release those concerns to Jesus, I always feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders. My shoulders relax, my breathing slows, and peace fills my soul.
  • YouVersion Bible App – I use a reading plan to read through portions of scripture each day. But my new favorite discovery, a guided daily prayer section. You can set it to music, and it includes prayer prompts. The music relaxes my brain, helping me focus on being in the moment with Jesus. When my tension level increases during the day, I find it helpful to go back to the prayer and sit a moment with Jesus.

Together, these tools help me refocus my mind by releasing my concerns and anxieties into God’s hands. The cards have become a daily recognition that God is trustworthy and faithful. He doesn’t want me to hold on to my worries and He desires to guide my steps and answer my prayers. Each one helps me focus on living with one ear tuned to heaven.

What tools do you use to maintain your peace and connection to Jesus throughout the day? I’d love for you to share. Your tools might be just what someone needs today to help them develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer Rhythms”

  1. Thanks Julie for sharing your favorite tools. I’m looking forward to reading your book which I plan on reading Thanksgiving weekend.

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