Soul Care Power

Soul Care Power

Jan 2022

Soul Care Power

We’ve all been inundated with New Year’s resolution messages. Exercise, eat healthier, take your vitamins, put YOU first. Each message implies, if you fix the outside, you’ll feel satisfied, happy, and fulfilled. Rarely do we hear about soul care. Caring for our soul is as important for long-term health. Without caring for our inner self, any attempt to care for the exterior will not last. Yes, overall physical health is important, but learning the driving forces behind our choices helps us pray through them and make lasting changes.

Prioritizing my soul care began while I was waiting for my kidney transplant. While on dialysis, every food and beverage intake were monitored to prevent my body for going into “fluid overload.” I needed to take extra care of my physical body by exercising daily, even if I didn’t feel like it. Every choice was literally carefully measured and weighed.

While waiting, I was forced to become more aware of what was driving my choices. Usually fear of the unknown, anxiety, and anger at my failing body. I needed to deal with my emotions in a healthy manner if I wanted to thrive. Through prayer, journaling, and counseling, I was able to discover the root of my emotions. As I leaned into the POWER of Jesus, releasing my emotions to Him, I was able to live life with joy as I waited for Him to provide a kidney donor.

Friends, there is POWER in caring for your soul in the presence of Jesus. When you are intentional in spending time with Him, the Holy Spirit illuminates your thoughts and the reasons for the choices you make. Journaling helped me harness my thoughts and release them in prayer. By releasing my thought patterns, I experienced renewal and clarity from the Holy Spirit.

Recording your thoughts on paper is a very personal endeavor between you and Jesus. At times, it’s helpful to share those thoughts with a good friend and at other times you may need outside help. A trained mental health provider can help you clarify and bring to the surface patterns you can’t figure out. Once you gain clarity, it becomes less daunting to make some personal changes.

Being intentional in our spiritual practices helps us connect with Jesus. You may use a bible reading plan, take part in a bible study, journal, or use worship music to help you experience the presence of Jesus. Or like me, you may use a combination of spiritual practices woven into the daily fabric of life to grow your relationship with Him. I read my bible, journal, and walk to process what He is teaching me. All three help my soul be available to hear from Him and experience joy and peace in my day.

Incorporating spiritual practices into your daily life is a commitment to caring for your soul. It’s those daily connection points with Jesus that keep your eyes fixed on Him and help you filter the worldly messages bombarding you each day. When you quiet your spirit in His presence, your soul opens to taste and see the goodness available in Him.

There is POWER in caring for your soul.


I hope you’ll join me in February as I further unpack more thoughts on soul care and ways to incorporate time with Jesus in your day.

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6 thoughts on “Soul Care Power”

  1. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for sharing this! I love the Power acronym. Would it be okay if I shared your graphic on my Instagram? Whats_the_word_girl

    Thank you again and I look forward to reading more!

    Mary Martin

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