Spring Challenges

Spring Challenges


Spring Challenges

Spring has sprung, there’s promise in the air, can you smell it? Can you sense it?
New beginnings, opportunities and fresh starts.

Take a moment and pause, breathe deeply, exhale…..what is on your heart today dear friend, what are you hoping and praying the change of season will bring to your life?

Winter can be hard on the soul, dark short days that can put us in a funk, can cause us to lose focus and energy. Not just the season of winter, but sometimes a season of life can feel dark, long and like the sun will never shine on us again. Where God can seem silent and we’d rather hide inside than face the day. If you are in this season right now, I can relate, I’ve been there before and I am sorry. Those times are difficult and heart wrenching. I pray you reach out to a friend for conversation and prayer to help you remember God’s love for you and help you to see His presence in your life. You are a treasured child of God!

And then there is Spring! (Both the season and the opportunity for a change in our posture and outlook.) Birds singing, the sun shines more frequently, the smells change in the air, and trees begin to bud. New life, new reminders of the God who loves us and offers fresh starts, new beginnings, and fresh perspectives.

Where do you need a fresh perspective?

Please don’t brush past this question, I believe it’s important for you today, I know it is for me. It is the question God has brought to the forefront. For me, I keep thinking and waiting for life to return to what it was like before, but I’m beginning to realize, that will never happen. My life has been forever changed by the loss of my kidneys, but I’m beginning to see, through God’s eyes, that going back is not seizing the opportunity to grow and that I need to move forward with eyes open, heart willing to grow and change into who God is calling me to be. Still a wife and mother, but also a warrior and a writer. No longer bound by fear, ready to accept new challenges. No more what if’s, but to step fully into the me He’s created me to be. New discoveries await just around the corner and I believe they do for you too.

Persevere dear friend, reach deeply for God and allow Him to open your eyes to the possibilities of change in and through Him. This takes bravery, courage, but God will provide the necessary resources. Through out history, He has equipped His people, and transformed them to become who He knew they could be. The potter is at work, gently and tenderly shaping and molding. A little pinch here, a little smoothing out here, creating the beautiful creation that is you.
Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. (Isaiah 64:8)

Though tonight brings the promise of snow, a reminder that God is in control of the seasons and not us, His promise to be with us stands firm. He is with you and me in the challenges of this life. Immanuel-God with us. (Isaiah 7:14)

May the God of all hope bring you peace today. May you experience the pleasure of His presence, and may His love wash over you and fill you with comfort.


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7 thoughts on “Spring Challenges”

  1. You leave us all so much to think about and apply to our own lives, thank you for that. Hope you are continuing to feel better, Hopefully spring will soon be here.

  2. Pamela H Reynolds

    Thank you for this reminder that we all need encouragement (receiving as well as giving).Friends and family are important sometimes we are like magnets (attract or repel).

  3. Thanks Julie, so beautifully written from your heart!
    As I read your inspiring message,I looked outside and the snow was falling!
    Blessings to you!

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