Surrendered Rest

Surrendered Rest

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Surrendered Rest

Opening her front door, her breath catches as a soft glow of oranges and reds paints the sky. Closing her eyes, she lifts her face to the sun, inhales and puts one foot in front of the other. Her mind needs to rest. Her morning walk is the only time of the day that is hers. Without it, she has no patience for the demands of the day. This is when she talks with Jesus. Today, the pressures of life are bearing down on her.  “Lord, I am overwhelmed, tired, anxious. I can’t slow my thoughts. Jesus, I need some rest.”

Sound familiar?

The demands and worries of life can prevent us from seeking rest, especially as women. Our culture applauds self-sufficiency and eyebrows raise when we rest or seek help. But if we’re honest, an unrested mind and body affects every area of our life. When our mind and body are overwhelmed, it’s difficult to fully engage in the life God desires for us.

Jesus promises His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in our weakness. The fact that we need rest from what we’re carrying is not a weakness. The weakness lies in our human desire for independence. We were designed to depend more on Him and less on ourselves. The more we turn to Him, the more He strengthens us, and we receive the rest we are seeking.

To receive the rest we need, we must surrender the weight to Jesus.

What do you need to surrender into His hands today?

Surrendering our burdens into Jesus’ capable hands isn’t always easy—it isn’t for me. Conceptually I get it, but in practice I struggle. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But when I surrender, my tight muscles release, my posture changes and my breathing slows. My mind and body rest in His presence.

I have a practice of opening my hands before the Lord. It’s a symbolic reminder that I will no longer cling to my own strength but will accept His help. He understands my weaknesses and is trustworthy to provide what I need.

Surrendering is less challenging as we invest time in our relationship with Jesus. The more consistent we are, the easier it is to trust Him. As we invest time worshiping Him through music, prayer and reading His Word, our eyes will open more fully to His love, compassion and support.

The way you worship Jesus will look different than your friends and that’s okay. Maybe you listen to the Bible, journal or pray in the shower. You might choose to sit and listen to worship music. The importance is your consistency to have a daily conversation with Jesus. This deepens your relationship and increases your awareness of His presence. Then you become more attuned to His beautiful voice, and you will hear His invitation for the rest He alone offers.

God has prepared a place of rest just for you. His is an open invitation to come and sit by His side. The invitation is unconditional and open to anyone who humbly seeks Him. In His presence you will find the rest you seek.

Rest at the lake

Picture Jesus sitting next to you right now. Turn to Him and tell Him what burdens you are carrying. Now take a few deep breaths. Open your hands, place your palms up and close your eyes. Surrender it all to Him.

Lord Jesus, surrendering is not easy. It seems easier to control what is happening around me. Yet, the more I try to control, the more life feels out of control. Help me be honest with you and surrender what I am carrying into your capable hands.

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4 thoughts on “Surrendered Rest”

  1. I loved this devotion, Julie. The motion of holding out your hands in surrender is so good. I’ve been feeling so much stress lately…sitting in surrender may be the key to getting my peace back. Thanks for the helpful thoughts. ~Robyn

    1. Robyn, I pray the Lord’s peace over you. May He powerfully relieve your stress as you surrender your circumstances to Him.

  2. My dearest Barbara,
    Oh how I know how our head knows His truths and He is in control, but often it is difficult for me to also get it into my heart in a way my body and mind will still and rest. Just when I think the message is rooted in my heart…I go and pick it all back up again or a new wrinkle makes its way into the situation.

    I pray our Mighty High Priest intercedes on your behalf in a powerful way today. May He bring you rest and comfort.
    Cradle her in your loving arms so she may sleep.
    You are the God of justice. Resolve this situation in a way that brings You glory and displays Barbara’s righteous and loving heart.
    Lord, you have authority over all things. We don’t understand why this situation is occurring but you are able to bring her peace and rest as we await resolution.
    Loving Jesus, as she continues to proclaim your name, may your love for her penetrate her life in new and profound ways. Bless the work of her hands today as she faithfully serves you.

  3. I was just sitting to rest from a morning of work and chores. I’ve been involved in several weeks of disturbing events that I daily give over to Jesus to handle for me. My head knows that He has me covered with His protection and grace, and my heart loves Him and knows He loves me but…my body hasn’t gotten the message yet, and I find myself anxious physically when a new bit of disturbing information comes through an email, text or phone call. Sleeping, which has been achieved only with some help, has been fitful and definitely not restful (as per my Fitbit). Finding the answer to connect my mind/heart with my body has been a challenge. I am a “seasoned” believer and have been through many ordeals before, so you would think I’d be able to do this. But I feel that God is teaching me something new…and as soon as I learn what that is…I will be well.

    Your words encourage me, Julie and I thank God for your gift of writing. When we are authentic and share our stories, we know that those who love us, like Jesus does, will pray and support us. You are a blessing!!

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