Switching Gears

Switching Gears

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Switching Gears

Summer is beginning its surrender to Autumn.

Creation is switching gears. Nightfall’s display of bold hues across the lake is earlier as the sunset migrates west across the sky. Dawn breaks later and the morning darkness causes me to burrow deeper under the covers.

I am not planning on surrendering my summer days yet, but I have begun to wonder how I will switch gears when I must move my morning time with Jesus indoors. My outdoor morning ritual fuels my day.

Being outdoors reminds me of the depth of Jesus’ love for me as I enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake. Seasons change and I will have to move indoors, but I will eke out every last moment I can, even if I have to wear gloves and a heavy sweatshirt.

We are creatures of habit.

We are attached to the rhythms we put in place for our days. These predictable patterns help us organize life and process what comes our way. They make it easier to think about our day because they help us know what to expect.

The same is true in the ways we connect with Jesus. We pray a certain way, use a journal, or memorize scripture. We follow a bible reading plan using a translation we’ve used for years. We attend bible studies and listen to the same Christian music. I am guilty of using these same predictable rhythms over extended periods to connect with Jesus.

As the season changes from summer to fall, I wonder if Jesus would have us take a closer look at our daily rhythms and relationship with Him. Our rhythms will change when fall arrives making it the perfect time to switch gears and try something new.

We live in a fluctuating world, and switching gears when our life is interrupted by change isn’t easy. But it’s also the perfect time to try something different. To open new pathways in our brain. As we do, we will encounter Jesus in new ways.

How we connect with Jesus is as different as He has made each one of us. Here are a few ideas to try.

  • Read the Bible in a different translation (My new favorite AMP)
  • Study a word that catches your attention
  • Read a chapter in multiple translations and note the different wording
  • Write down what a passage says about the character of God
  • Circle repeated words and ask God what He might be trying to show you
  • Choose a new location to spend time with Jesus
  • Journal your prayers and insights from scripture
  • Play worship music and let the words wash over you
  • Join a bible study
  • Ask a friend or your pastor how they connect with Jesus

Check out these websites for more ideas:

Changing our spiritual rhythms fosters spiritual growth.

Trying something new causes our brain to switch gears, pay more attention, and be open to hearing from Jesus where we may have missed His voice in the past. The change we make to our spiritual rhythm will help us become more aware of His presence. As our awareness grows, we will encounter Him in the ordinary moments of our day.

I leave you with a challenge today. Try something new for September. I will be attending a bible study at church after a long absence and am excited to gather with a community of women to grow in the Word.

I’m cheering you on and praying you encounter Jesus as you switch gears and try a new spiritual practice.

Share in the comments how you connect with Jesus and I promise to pick one suggestion for the month of September and report back.

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