April 2023 Newsletter – The Light of the World

April 2023 Newsletter – The Light of the World

The Light

April 2023 Newsletter – The Light of the World

Praise the Lord, there’s more daylight in Spring. Migration is in full swing on the lake. Birds joyously create music to welcome the day. We look with anticipation for outdoor activities. And Christians worldwide are preparing their hearts for the precious gift of The Light of the World, Jesus.

Spring weather’s dramatic changes have given me whiplash. We’ve gone from cold to warm and back again. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail, all in a week. The Spring bulbs haven’t seemed to mind. The tulips are up (with buds), and the crocuses are in full bloom. More Sunlight brings energy to us all. A reminder of Spring’s renewal.

The Light of the World

Sin. Darkness. Suffering. Loss. Death.


Spring. Jesus. Renewal.

Light. New Life.

From death to life in the Light of Jesus.

Because of Jesus’ willing sacrifice, His life so we could live an eternal life with Him, we live in the Light of His love, grace, and mercy. A dramatic change in us because of Christ’s sacrifice leads us into a relationship with the God who loves us.

Our dramatic change happens with a spark. A tiny flicker God uses to draw us closer. A little spark is all He needs to ignite a passion for knowing Him. Creating in us a burning desire for a personal relationship with Him.

Do you feel a spark? Can you sense Him calling you nearer?

If you don’t “feel” a spark, don’t despair. God sees you. This is where we come together and pray. I am praying the Holy Spirit ignites in you not just a spark but a roaring flame drawing you closer to the God who loves you. May the Lord of the Universe make His presence known in new and unique ways you recognize.

In my life, the Lord used a message at a church service like a flint. A friend invited our family, and sparks ignited my soul. My eyes had been unable to see the Truth until that day.

Then God “transplanted” in my soul a desire for a life with Him. Much like my kidney transplant was necessary to revive my body’s full function, the Light of Jesus was transplanted in me through the gift of the Holy Spirit, so I could live as God intended, in fellowship with Him.

Jesus came to return Light into the world as God designed in the Garden of Eden. He came to upend the worldly.

Sweet Friend, Jesus came for you. He takes you out of the darkness and transplants His true Light within you. He lifts you from underneath the things of this life that burden you.

He speaks over you:

Live in this precious Light of mine with Me. Walk with Me. With My power, the darkness is no more. Your sins are no more.
The path will not always be easy, but with Me, you will persevere as I refine you into a beacon of Light for My name.

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