Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the Day


Tomorrow is the Day

Tomorrow is the big day. My kidney will be removed placing me on dialysis until I am eligible for a transplant. What a ride it has been. I have seen God’s hand at work in so many ways through the last 8 months.  

He’s given me so many of you who have encouraged me with your words, cards, phone calls, gifts, and the gift of your time.  For each comment, email, card and time spend with me, my deepest thanks and love.

I’ve seen God’s hand all over the timing of so many surgeries, including this one.  I, in my own strength have tried to orchestrate so many things, but His timing has been perfect each and every time. To Him, I am grateful and feel His deep love for me.

I have been blessed with good health, not a single cold, this entire time.  I have slept well and have been able to continue exercising and eating well, which has prepared me for the big surgery ahead.  Thank you Lord for watching over me and protecting me.

And then there has been the “God sightings” as Lynn and I call them.  I have seen Him in the sunrise and sunsets, I have seen Him in the variety of birds each day, I have seen reflections of Him in my husband, my children, and my friends.  I have seen evidence of His love and presence every single day!!  I am so grateful our God makes Himself known for us all to see.

God has brought scripture to mind just when I needed it, He’s brought devotionals to my inbox at just the perfect time to encourage and correct, He’s spoke to me through music, through sermons, and int he daily rising and setting of the sun.

I am a child of God and I am truly blessed.

And now we are here.  As you read this I am preparing for surgery to place my dialysis catheter.  A quick surgery, and will return home to rest for a few hours before Maurice and I head down to Chicago to spend the night.  

Wednesday morning, I will go in for what will be a 4-5 hour procedure to remove my kidney, ureter, the top of my bladder and my lymph nodes in the left side of my abdomen.  This will immediately put me into kidney failure and in need of dialysis until I receive a kidney transplant.  Because we are dealing with cancer, I will need to wait approximately 2 years before I will be eligible for a transplant.  I will be in the hospital for 5-6 days and then I get to come home.  Dialysis will be 3 days a week for 3 hours at a center until I heal and then we will do another surgery to place another catheter to do home dialysis through my peritoneal lining in my abdomen.  Once that heals, life should resume as normal, we hope.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”(Joshua 1:9)

“…when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” (Psalm 61:2)

Many of you have asked how you can pray, and for some reason I am finding it hard to come up with a prayer list, the needs are many, but nothing in comparison to other people I know going through difficult times right now, but we are called to lift others so here are a few immediate needs we would love to have lifted in prayer:

That we would be filled with peace and comfort throughout the day on Wednesday.

Steady hands for the surgeon and wisdom in any unexpected complications.

I would tolerate being under anesthesia for such a long time.

No nausea or complications from the anesthesia.

Pain relief.

Rest and obedience to doctors orders.(I’m not good at sitting still as you all know)

Patience for our family as we adjust to the new normal.

I would tolerate dialysis with no complications and God would open doors for me to speak to and minister to others going through the same thing.

That God would be glorified through this new adventure we are beginning.


Lord God, I put my hope in you. You are my help and shield. In You my heart rejoices, I trust in your holy name.  Let your unfailing love surround me, Lord, for my hope is in you alone. (Personalized from Psalm 33:20-22)

Thank you all so much for you continued love, prayers and friendship,

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16 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the Day”

  1. May you find His peace and strength during the procedure and through your recovery. God’s plan for you is perfect. May you embrace it. Your heart is so open to hear and feel His love. I pray all your prayers are answered in Him. God Bless.

  2. Prayers prayers prayers to you! I was there when the first one came out! You weren’t supposed to go for two!! God will take care of you through this and I know all will be good! All His blessings Julie!

  3. Julie, I will continue to pray for and your family and will be thinking of you going through all this. I truly admire your true faith in God and he will bring you through all this..Love to you and your family.

  4. Julie, your writing is beautiful and a gift for me. Praying for total Healing!!!!! Miss you every Wed am. Your faith is a real testimony to loving God. love and hugs

  5. Julie-I’ve been thinking of you often. I will be praying for you and your family plus the items on your list. You are truly inspirational and God will continue to be with you. Lots of love, Jeri

  6. Julie,
    You are, and will continue to be, in my prayers for each and every one of your requests….although, along with our Wednesday Team at the Care Center, we are united in praying that you astound the surgeons with a complete eradication of any cancer! We KNOW that Abba loves us, and holds our hand as we walk down scary paths. May the sunlight shine brightly on all who are near you tomorrow! With LOVE!

  7. Julie You are truly a woman who never questions Gods will. You continue to inspire others through your heartfelt words. May God Bless you and keep you in his care!
    Love Pat

  8. Julie, you are in my thoughts and prayers often and I will continue to lift you and your family in prayer through all of this. I pray for the skill, wisdom and steady hands of the doctors involved in your care. I trust in the One who cares for us. You reflect His love in every circumstance he brings your way. Amen


  9. Julie, your faith and words are an inspiration to all who know you. I’ll continue to lift you up in prayer.

  10. Julie every once of my being is praying for you, God will be with you every step of the way. Such a big procedure and your strength has overwhelmed me. God bless you Julie we love you so much.
    Gary and Bev

  11. Julie, my prayers are for a miracle, but I trust in the plan God has for you, as I know you do. Prayers are powerful and mine will continue for you! I miss seeing you and hearing your laughter! Your faith is inspiring! Love you ❤️!

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