Knowing Truth Helps You Thrive in Distractions

Knowing Truth Helps You Thrive in Distractions

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Knowing Truth Helps You Thrive in Distractions

Paying close attention to the truths we know about Jesus helps us thrive in life’s distractions.

There are and always will be distractions in life. My latest distraction is the lingering fatigue from Covid. Not exactly what I thought I’d be dealing with more than a month later. My frustration with my body’s slow response has become a distraction that, if I let it, could easily draw my attention away from Jesus, His Truth, and His plan for my day. I must keep my gaze fixed on Him and lean into His unfolding plan.

What distractions are drawing your gaze away from Jesus today?

Life is a journey filled with distractions.
Some are good and some, well, if we’re honest, are not so good. The Lord uses distractions to interrupt our day so we can focus on something He has planned for us. These can be opportunities to encourage, interact, pray, or join with Him in serving someone else. On the other hand, Satan uses distractions to draw us away from the truths about God. The key is recognizing the difference before we drift down the path of doubt.

Knowing Truth helps us Thrive

When Jesus is our anchor, we thrive amid life’s distractions.
Knowing the Truths about God anchors us and keeps us from drifting off course. As we grow our relationship with Him, our awareness of His presence increases, and our faith muscles kick in as our first response to distractions becomes prayer instead of doubt.

Notice the verse says we should engage with the Truth.

Action is required.

To know the Truth is to listen (read scripture), think (meditate), ask questions (prayer & community), and act upon (obedience) what it says. Keeping ourselves anchored to the Lord helps us make decisions guided by Truth and allows us to thrive amid distractions. This is how we walk by faith as He helps us discern if the distraction is from Him or the evil one.

How do you engage with the Truth?

A daily date with God is the key.
Why? Because “Our minds are like a leaky vessel, they do not, without much care, retain what is poured into them.” (Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary)

Give Him your full attention in a distraction-free zone. Get creative. You’re caring for your spiritual health. You can find time in your schedule. Don’t give up. Start small. Some time with Jesus is better than none.

Mornings work best for me. As an empty nester, I wait until my hubby leaves for work, and then I have a coffee date with the Lord. Sometimes I go to a coffee shop or the library, but mostly I sit in my home office and light a candle.

If you’re more of a morning person, get up a little earlier, skip that snooze button, give up the morning news or the morning show, or shower the night before. If you’re more of a night owl, DVR that show, put down your devices until later or use those devices to help you connect with Jesus.

Trying to figure out what to do on your daily date with Jesus?

Daily dates with Jesus help us thrive

Whatever you choose, talk with the Lord like a close friend. Share what’s on your mind. Release your worries into His capable hands. Ask Him to help you recognize if your distraction is coming from Him or the evil one. By seeking His help, He will guide you to the Truth.

A daily date with Jesus keeps our eyes fixed on Him. As we give Him our undivided attention, we become more observant of His activity around us, and our mind is ready for His guidance.

Knowing the Truth will keep us from drifting off course.

Anchor yourself to Him today.

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