Worship The King

Worship The King


Worship The King

As I write this I am still in the hospital waiting to be sprung. My surgery is complete. I have begun dialysis and I’m ready to go home. I am grateful to my Lord and King for providing for me thus far. All praise and worship goes to Him alone. 

My goodness, I never anticipated that I would still be here.  I am doing well, moving as slow as a turtle and am beginning to have an understanding for others who go through kidney failure.  It is amazing how many moving pieces there are to the puzzle of getting released.  

In a nutshell, because of the hurricanes, dialysis centers nationwide are inundated with trying to place patients and the call centers for admittance have been overwhelmed.  Not knowing how far in advance we should have called, the hospital could not get me placed in time to release me for the weekend.  Disappointing but thinking of all the people affected by these hurricanes and their need for electricity for medical care, I cannot even begin to imagine what they and their families are going through.  

Please pray we get through on this morning and get me set up so I can go home.

So many prayers have been answered over the last few days.  The only surprise was the size of my kidney.  It took a little effort for the surgeon to get at it and remove it, but it was removed safely.  I came out of anesthesia with no nausea and have had minimal pain easily controlled with Tylenol.  Praise God for that.  My appetite still hasn’t really returned, but that should come in time as should some regularity(HeeHee). My first 3 dialysis sessions went well, but definitely made me a little tired, who knew they could remove 1.5L of fluids from my body in only 2.5 hours.  My next treatment will be longer and remove more fluids as I will not have had dialysis Sunday.

And yes, I am being a good patient and not over doing.  I don’t think I could if I wanted to, it takes too much effort to even get out of a chair.

Friday I was struggling with everything and kept wondering why we chose this path and God reminded me to be courageous.  He is with us, He has a plan and it is good. Out of pain and heartache comes great spiritual growth, a firmer faith, and an opportunity to sing His praises.  

We have been uplifted in prayer, received cards, flowers and visits from friends and family.  And lots of texts which really boost my mood.  Thank you all.

It is an amazing adventure walking with Jesus.  Some days are pretty routine, but others are quite unexpected.  I have been blessed daily by my devotionals that seem to have just the words I need to hear each day.  How does God do that?  It boggles my mind.  He sees so deeply into my soul, deeper than I can even see myself and instantly knows exactly what I need.  He is so personal, amazing, and in tune to my heart.

The bible talks about faith as small as a mustard seed and at times, I feel that is the size of my faith, but God can take our “little” faith and grow us to be strong and courageous in all circumstances.  The key being, just believe, abide in Jesus, lean into Him.  Look to Him and walk into His capable arms and allow Him to guide the way.  

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”         (John 15:5)

In the abiding, our trust is grown, our faith enlarged and nothing is impossible with Jesus. In the abiding, we are able to glorify the one and only King.  He is my King, my Savior and my Lord.  

Enjoy this piece by Dr S.M. Lockridge titled “That’s My KIng”

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9 thoughts on “Worship The King”

  1. Praise the Lord! All is well with your Soul! We are so blessed. So glad this am as I read your story that you are healing. He is enough and abides in you and you in Him. God bring you continued healing and peace.
    June ❤️

  2. Julie, I am so glad to hear your doing so well. I will continue to pray for you and your recovery will go well and faster than you expected. Keep up that wonderful faith you have. Will be waiting to hear from you again and your progress. Love to you, Jan

  3. Hi Julie! Thank you writing the update! It’s fantastic to hear how well you are doing! You’re such an inspiration! Hope that you are able to head home soon!! You have come so far in such a short amount of time it’s truly amazing! Continue to improve and please keep posting! I know that takes such effort!! God bless you! Love, Jeri

  4. Delighted to hear that things are going well with your recovery!
    God is good indeed.
    You will continue to be in my prayers of course.
    I thought it would be best to give you time to ‘catch your breath’ As you say in your blog I feel sadness for those who are dealing with the after effects of Hurricane Harvey in TX, but also those going through the hurricane Irma in Florida. I am glad to hear that it was not as bad as they thought previously. Amen

  5. Julie, it is so good to hear from you. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. Been praying for you and will continue to pray for healing and things to go well.

  6. as I was reading your encouraging words I am listening to a beautiful song “Let it Go” . Lyrics say “it is well with my soul over and over again “through it all my eyes are on You and it is well.” This is how you face each day. Thank you Julie for being such an inspiration to others.
    Boldly praying to God to answer all our prayers for you & your family.

  7. Glad to hear your recovering well. Will continue to pray for you. You are so encouraging to me that through all you are going through you are such a blessing to others. In His love, Sherri

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