Soul Care Part 1: Prayer

Soul Care Part 1: Prayer

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Soul Care Part 1: Prayer

February is the month of love. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the love we have for others by giving chocolates, cards, and flowers. Yet, we often neglect to care for ourselves on a daily basis. Soul care involves adding prayer to our daily life. There is POWER in praying as we care for our soul in the presence of Jesus.

Over the last few months, I’ve received a strong impression from God on the importance of soul care so we can love others well. I touched on this in January (read here), and over the next 5 weeks, I’ll take one letter from my acronym POWER and share what God has been teaching me over the last few years. What He’s taught me has been so valuable in the waiting moments of life, especially during the years I was waiting for a kidney transplant. I hope you’ll come along on the journey with me.

Incorporating spiritual practices into daily life is a commitment to caring for our soul. Those daily connection points with Jesus keep our eyes fixed on Him and help us filter worldly messages. When we neglect time with Him, it’s easy for our body and soul to become overloaded. When this happens, it’s difficult to engage in the relationships we treasure.

What happens when your soul is overloaded?

For me, I mentally checked out and lack focus; my body physically aches. All I want to do is unplug from the world and sleep. I need to reset both body and mind to reengage. The answer—rest and prayer.

Prayer is an essential tool in our spiritual arsenal. Ideally, we’d pray before we hit overload, but speaking for myself, that doesn’t always happen. There is no perfect formula for prayer. It’s unique for each of us becomes sustainable when you incorporate it into your rhythm of life. The heart of prayer is an honest conversation between you and God. Remember, He loves you deeply and desires only the best for you.

For me, it helps if I imagine Jesus sitting across from me as I enjoy my first cup of coffee. I light a candle, warm my hands around my cup, and talk with Him as I do a close friend. I thank Him for His work in my life and worship Him for who He is—my Savior, King, and constant guide. I ask questions and often have something to confess. In these moments together, my soul quiets enough so I can receive peace, refreshment, and clarity.

Friends, spending time in prayer with Jesus opens your soul to taste and see the goodness He offers. In His presence, the Holy Spirit supplies you with peace and clarity. Then, through the POWER of the Holy Spirit, you can adjust your behavior so you can better care for your soul.

As your prayer life becomes more consistent, two things happen—Jesus helps you be more engaged in the relationships you treasure each day, and your POWER of observation increases to see the Him at work in your life.

This week I challenge you to take some time and seek God’s wisdom to find a rhythm of prayer that fits your life. Try praying:

  • in the shower
  • on a walk
  • before getting out of bed
  • at breakfast
  • on your drive to work
  • while your coffee or tea is brewing
  • instead of checking social media or email

Lord Jesus, increase my desire for prayer. Help me observe my patterns of behavior that draw me away from you and from caring for my soul. My desire is for a consistent prayer life. Lord, I am willing to change my rhythm of life to be more in tune with you. Reveal to me how I can better care for my soul. I trust you will give me the strength to change. As I daily abide in you, renew my soul, and open my mind to hear you more clearly. I love you Jesus.

Our community would be blessed if you’d share in the comments where and when you pray each day.

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1 thought on “Soul Care Part 1: Prayer”

  1. Love this series you’re creating Julie! I typically start prayer just before I hop out of bed in the morning, before getting into the Word, as I write, I pray for my kids on their way to school – it’s a fairly non-stop process for most of the day. ❤️

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