Spiritual Trainer

Spiritual Trainer

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Spiritual Trainer

My walks are one thing I do that helps me stay mindful in my daily life and is great training for my physical body. I also use this time to talk with Jesus as He helps me focus on what’s important. He’s my morning spiritual trainer. Lately, there’s been a hiccup in my routine.

My body has gotten used to the same motion and is experiencing stiffness in areas that shouldn’t be stiff and a lack of muscle tone in areas that need strength. It has grown accustomed to the routine and has forgotten how to engage other muscle groups. Some retraining is in order as I find ways to vary my activity.

In the meantime, my muscles need some tender loving care. A physical therapist is helping me push them to fire once again. My muscles need a trainer who encourages, strengthens and reminds them to work together. Now I begin each morning with stretching. As I lay on the floor, Jesus impressed upon my heart I should use this time for a little morning conversation with Him. Not just me talking but taking time to be in His presence with no agenda.

I breathe, listen, quiet my mind, accept silence, and simply be. Focusing on muscle groups and posture, I listen. I hear Him say, I am your spiritual trainer, let me ease your spiritual stiffness. I will lengthen and strengthen your spiritual muscles.

Jesus is our spiritual trainer who strengthens our spiritual muscles.

We all have preferences when it comes to worshiping our heavenly Father. Routines we fit into our day that don’t require much planning or thought. Comfortable routines which use the same parts of our brain and can cause a disconnect to noticing Jesus in our day.

Do you sense a stiffness in your spiritual life but you’re not certain what is wrong?

Maybe you feel a disconnect with Jesus, or you can’t see His activity or maybe you feel off balance. A stiffness you can’t quite define. Jesus is showing you something isn’t quite right in your relationship with Him.

Jesus uses discomfort to remind us of our need for Him.

Once we acknowledge our stiffness, we can trust Jesus as our spiritual trainer to nurture us back to health. His gentle hands nurture our spiritual muscles back to the suppleness needed to follow Him more closely. He helps us grow to maturity as we actively participate in nurturing our faith. He encourages us to engage with Him in new ways, so the brain becomes more aware of His presence and love.

Jesus gently strengthens our spiritual muscles so our faith blossoms.

How’s the strength and suppleness of your spiritual muscles?

Instead of following your routine, try something different as you worship this week. You could stretch your physical muscles and breathe, listen, quiet your mind, accept silence. Allow Jesus to ignite new spiritual muscles to fire. When you do, your mind becomes more supple, your eyes pick up new cues and your awareness of His presence will increase.

Lord Jesus, I like my routine. I know what to expect and how to plan. But I desire a deeper relationship with you. I don’t want to feel stiff. Help me lengthen and strengthen my spiritual muscles so I recognize your presence more quickly in my life. I desire a blossoming faith. A faith that praises and proclaims your name.

I would be blessed to hear some of the ways you worship Jesus during your day. Post in the comments below or email me directly.

Need some ideas to stretch your spiritual muscles, here are my 10 favorite ways to spend time with Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Trainer”

  1. Hey Julie!
    I love the analogy between our physical muscles and our spiritual muscles ~ especially the reference to the stiffness we feel when something’s just not right. Thank you for reminding me to just breathe, and stretch, and to switch up those familiar routines in my life.

    1. Sabrina,
      Hey there. It’s such a great “exercise” to try something new. God brings us a new and fresh perspective, which can be so helpful when life is going a little different than we thought.

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