Experience Transformation and Thrive

Experience Transformation and Thrive

We are more than halfway through January, and my “goals” haven’t quite come together as I’d hoped. How about you? My plans weren’t necessarily resolutions but a desire to make conscious choices in my life. Some are professional, and others relate to my personal life. Resolutions surround us in January, and it feels good to …

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Finding Peace in the Love of Jesus at Christmas

Baking Christmas cookies, worship music plays in the background. The words are a balm to my soul as I enjoy time with the Lord. Mixing the ingredients to make those sweet treats to bless my family, I’m grateful for this moment with God. I experience peace in my soul as I take a deep breath …

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Grateful to be Forever Worthy in His Eyes

Thanksgiving Day is full of traditions. Family and friends gather for turkey or ham. There are discussions of whether it is a yam or a sweet potato. Do you watch football or parades? Dress fancy or casual? Large or intimate gatherings? It is also a day where we have an opportunity to express our gratefulness …

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Shelter from the Storm

THE WIND The wind is still howling this morning for the third straight day. It’s wild and seemingly out of control. The waves before me are tossing in a furry. The angst of the water is on full display in the storm. The lake is angry. It has no shelter from the storm. The wind …

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My Chosen Beloved

The music changes. Heads turn as we stand to welcome her into the room. Adorned in white her beauty brings forth fresh tears to the eyes of her beloved. With dewy eyes, she glances down the aisle at her chosen. Their eyes see only one another as she’s ushered down the aisle. The excitement swells …

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Switching Gears

Summer is beginning its surrender to Autumn. Creation is switching gears. Nightfall’s display of bold hues across the lake is earlier as the sunset migrates west across the sky. Dawn breaks later and the morning darkness causes me to burrow deeper under the covers. I am not planning on surrendering my summer days yet, but …

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Mistaken Identity

As I rounded a corner on my walk and glanced into a grove of small trees, my eyes opened wide as quickly took a breath. My heart beating rapidly, I stealthily crept closer. Quickly snapping a picture, I texted multiple friends with the declaration… Look what I saw on my walk! A baby owl!! My …

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Generational Legacies

Two years ago, two lives were changed. Two lives forever connected and impacted by the Lord’s faithfulness. A gift was sacrificially given. A personal and family sacrifice so a fuller life could be lived. Multiple families have been impacted as stories of the Lord’s faithfulness are shared. Legacies being built one story at a time.  June 16 …

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Spiritual Trainer

My walks are one thing I do that helps me stay mindful in my daily life and is great training for my physical body. I also use this time to talk with Jesus as He helps me focus on what’s important. He’s my morning spiritual trainer. Lately, there’s been a hiccup in my routine. My …

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Over the last few weeks, I have been longing for “normalcy,” for the daily routine to return to normal and to have a new found sense of direction from God.  My hearts desire is to serve Him in ways that fit the unique gifts He has given me and right now I feel like obstacles …

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Experiencing God’s Faithfulness

God is so amazing. When He first called me to write for the 40 days of Lent, I hemmed and hawed my way right up to Ash Wednesday. I was trying to convince myself that God got it wrong. Why would He call me to write for so many days? What would I write about? …

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