Surrendered Rest

Opening her front door, her breath catches as a soft glow of oranges and reds paints the sky. Closing her eyes, she lifts her face to the sun, inhales and puts one foot in front of the other. Her mind needs to rest. Her morning walk is the only time of the day that is …

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Holy Week

This week I’ve found myself forgetting it’s Holy Week. I’m not entirely sure why my focus is elsewhere. It could be because the weather is less than spring like or I am heart broken by what’s going on in the world around me. I can list a myriad of other reasons for my distraction, all …

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Soul Care Part 5: Renewal

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season and I’m amazed by God’s timing. This is our final week on my soul care series and a perfect recap to end on as we begin preparing our hearts for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Last week I shared there is Power in expecting Jesus’ provision for …

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Soul Care Part 4: Expectancy

Last week we saw how the Power of a Willing heart helps us make intentional changes in our soul care routine. (Read Here) This week let’s focus on praying with an Expectant heart. In our prayer time, God sometimes makes us aware of behaviors that interfere with caring for our soul and receiving His peace. This …

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Soul Care Part 3: Willingness

Last week we saw the Power in Observing our patterns of behavior and how this helps us recognize the affect they have on our soul care. This week let’s focus on the importance of a WILLING heart. As you’ve been praying, what patterns of behavior(s) has the Holy Spirit revealed that are detrimental in caring …

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Soul Care Part 2: Observation

In my first installment, I shared there is POWER in praying as we care for our soul in the presence of Jesus. If you missed the post, read it HERE. This week’s focus is on how soul care involves the power of observation and our behavioral patterns. I’m amazed that after following Jesus for almost 20 years, I still …

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Soul Care Part 1: Prayer

February is the month of love. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the love we have for others by giving chocolates, cards, and flowers. Yet, we often neglect to care for ourselves on a daily basis. Soul care involves adding prayer to our daily life. There is POWER in praying as we care for our soul …

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Soul Care Power

We’ve all been inundated with New Year’s resolution messages. Exercise, eat healthier, take your vitamins, put YOU first. Each message implies, if you fix the outside, you’ll feel satisfied, happy, and fulfilled. Rarely do we hear about soul care. Caring for our soul is as important for long-term health. Without caring for our inner self, …

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Supportive Wings

The ice shimmers in the morning dawn, dark and light blend together like a freshly found diamond. Supported by the ice, birds gather and wait. In the silence, the sound of tiny crystal wind chimes fills the air, their sound puzzling in the stillness of the morning. My eyes search for the source of the …

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Experience Transformation and Thrive

Experience Transformation and Thrive

We are more than halfway through January, and my “goals” haven’t quite come together as I’d hoped. How about you? My plans weren’t necessarily resolutions but a desire to make conscious choices in my life. Some are professional, and others relate to my personal life. Resolutions surround us in January, and it feels good to …

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Finding Peace in the Love of Jesus at Christmas

Baking Christmas cookies, worship music plays in the background. The words are a balm to my soul as I enjoy time with the Lord. Mixing the ingredients to make those sweet treats to bless my family, I’m grateful for this moment with God. I experience peace in my soul as I take a deep breath …

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Grateful to be Forever Worthy in His Eyes

Thanksgiving Day is full of traditions. Family and friends gather for turkey or ham. There are discussions of whether it is a yam or a sweet potato. Do you watch football or parades? Dress fancy or casual? Large or intimate gatherings? It is also a day where we have an opportunity to express our gratefulness …

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