John 15 - Abide in Me

2024 March Newsletter: Abide in Jesus and Receive Abundant Fruit

A vinedresser takes great care in pruning the vine. He wants them to produce lush, fragrant, vibrant-tasting fruit that yields the greatest or most abundant harvest. He is looking for something other than the quantity of fruit. In the case of grapevines, He desires superior grapes that will produce an aromatic bouquet that tastes luscious […]

Relinquish and Rest

Relinquishing Control: Embracing God’s Call to Rest

The Call to Relinquish Control In case you missed it, my retina tore last month, and I needed to step back from writing to allow for healing. (Learn more) In the stepping back, I’ve struggled. Surrender is hard for me. I have never been good at slowing down and changing my plans. And embracing rest, […]

God Sustains

Beyond the Crash: Experiencing God’s Sustaining Power to Persevere

This month, I share how God’s sustaining power helped Brenda Beigl through a horrific crash. Brenda attends my church, and as I’ve watched her recovery after her accident, I’ve seen her persevere through many challenges and push through the pain from her accident. Her ability to persevere is a direct result of her relationship with […]

Merry Christmas

Unveiling the Joyful Abundance of a Relationship with Jesus

As I’ve been preparing my heart for Christmas, I am reminded of the joyful abundance we find in a relationship with Jesus. The Passion Translation has enamored me. I don’t know if the use of vivid words or passionate expressions draws me to feel what the writers are conveying. Its words have opened up an […]

Releasing Perfect and Accepting Peace

Releasing Perfect and Accepting Peace

The Desire for Peace Instead of Perfect It’s here! The holiday season and the world has begun the frantic pace of black Friday sales. There is pressure to prepare and perfect our holiday gatherings. The world seeks to draw our minds away from peace and contentment in Jesus. With the temperatures above average in Northern […]

Celebrating Faithfulness

Celebrating 10 Years of God’s Faithfulness

I have reached a significant milestone this month and thought it was worth celebrating! Ten years of God’s faithful provisions to guide and equip me in this writing life. Did you know I wrote my first-ever piece on a blog in October ten years ago? How fast time goes by when you’re on the journey. […]

Awe and Wonder

Living with Awe and Wonder: Recognizing God’s Love

Awe and Wonder God loves to surprise us. To leave us awestruck and speechless. He is a God who takes our breath away. It happens in an instant this awe and wonder. He catches our attention in striking, bold ways and the subtlest of quiet moments. From the visual array of burnt oranges in the […]

Priming the Pump of Faith

Priming the Pump of Faith: Nourishing Your Soul and Deepening Your Relationship with God

Faith is the guiding force in my life. My faith is reflected in how I approach my day. It affects my choices and inspires me to be a better person. I prepare for my day by nourishing my mind and heart in the presence of Jesus. I read my Bible to strengthen my faith and […]

The Beauty of God’s Word: A Treasure Chest of Discovery Waiting for You

Long ago, a gift was given. This gift, a simple box, is small in size. Its deeply hued browns give it an appearance of age. Its color and shape, along with its gleaming latch, add to the intrigue of its contents. This is not any box. With an imagination, it’s a treasure chest filled with riches. […]

Walking into the Unknown

I have been moved over the last few days by the song “Hills and Valleys” by Tauren Wells.  This song really seems to fit my current mood. I am learning I need to continually lean into the Lord, especially now that we are only 1 week from my surgery. I need this constant reminder that […]


I love to spend the mornings out on our deck enjoying the sunrise, the birds, and time with Jesus. I am filled with joy each morning as I sit outside watching the birds eat from my feeders. To hear them singing and to see the sun rise up over the houses is a constant reminder […]


I awoke this morning feeling incredibly blessed by God. The amazing fact that I am His child has filled me with a new-found sense of peace and joy. To be so loved, so cared for and valued in His eyes can bring me to tears some days. Our God is a faithful God, through the […]


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